Afghanistan Blast: At Least 28 Killed, 320 Wounded In Kabul

Afghanistan BlastThings got off to a bloody start on Tuesday morning in the Afghan capital, Kabul, where several people have been killed and more than 200 have been injured.

Tuesday’s bombing happened during the morning rush hour in a residential neighbourhood close to the ministry of defence and military compounds.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the incident which occurred when a vehicle was detonated.

There are unverified claims that Taliban fighters managed to breach the defences of the National Directorate of Security, the main spy agency which protects high-ranking government officials.

For now, the scene of the attack has been completely cordoned off by Afghan security forces.

It was the first attack in the Afghan capital since the Islamist militant group declared the start of their spring offensive a week ago.

According to the Kabul police chief said, the death toll from the attack has risen to 28 with more than 320 wounded.

Police chief Abdul Rahman Rahimi said civilians and members of the Afghan security forces were among the dead and wounded.

Afghanistan: Taliban Assault Kunduz City From Different Directions

kunduzThere has been a deadly siege on the Afghan city of Kunduz where reports say hundreds of Taliban fighters are attacking the city from several directions.

Police said that the militants have entered a hospital and are locked in deadly combat with security forces.

Kunduz province has seen a number of attacks since April, with the Taliban joining forces with other insurgents.

The assault comes a day after a bomb attack on a sports match in the Eastern Paktika province killed nine people.

Kunduz province contains major roads that connect central and northern Afghanistan, including a road to the capital, Kabul.

Eight Malala Failed Assassination Suspects ‘Secretly Acquitted’

malalaReports from Pakistan indicate that eight of the 10 men reportedly jailed for the attempted assassination of Pakistani schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai, were set free.

In April, officials in Pakistan said that 10 Taliban fighters had been found guilty and received 25-year sentences.

The BBC reports that only two of the men who stood trial were convicted.

The secrecy surrounding the trial, which was held behind closed doors, raised suspicions over its validity.

A spokesman for the Pakistani High Commission in London, Muneer Ahmed, says the eight men were acquitted because of a lack of evidence.

Meanwhile, Saleem Marwat, the district Police Chief in Swat, Pakistan separately confirmed that only two men had been convicted.

Mr Ahmed claimed that the original court judgement made it clear that only two men had been convicted, blaming the confusion on misreporting.