A look at the Anambra North Senatorial Seat Controversy

Channels Television  
Updated October 12, 2011

Residents in Anambra North senatorial district, on Thursday, took to major roads and streets in protest of the continued delay by the Senate leadership to swear in a representative from the district.

Nine months after last April’s polls, nothing is settled in Anambra North. The decision of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on the legislative seats in the zone are still subjects of litigation or controversy. The tussle between Senators Alphonsus Igbeke and Margery Okadigbo over the true winner of the senatorial seat is still on.

Anambra North senatorial zone is the only one without a representative ten months after the inauguration of the 7th Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a situation that elicited widespread condemnation from within and outside the zone.

Although the flurry of petitions and media war may appear to have died down, the people of the zone have been gravely short-changed and denied quality representation, which had begun to take its toll on the socio-economic fortunes of the people of that zone.

Painfully, too, time lost in the tenure of lawmakers unlike the Executive arm of government are not re-awarded, implying that if the seventh Senate runs its full course without swearing-in any Senator from Anambra North, the zone will go down in history as a zone that never produced a Senator during the seventh Senate.

Deji Bademosi invited guests to analyse the political uproar in the region.