Microsoft to Release Office Suits for Tablets

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Updated December 2, 2011
Microsoft Founder Bill Gates

With the wave of tablets introduced into the market and complains about the restriction of tablets with Microsoft Office Suits, Microsoft is now set to accommodate tablet users with tablet versions of the popular Microsoft Office Suits.

According to The Daily Mail, Microsoft office is working hard to release the tablet versions of the suit sometime in mid-2012.

The relationship between Apple and Microsoft when it comes to the Office package has been one of mutual respect. The Apple version on OSX is very stable, capable and works perfectly well, and so this relationship of “quid pro quo” between the two companies has proved to be one area that the competing brands have enjoyed a happy friendship in.

With reports of tablets slowly taking over laptops as the go to PC for pretty much everything, one distinct area currently lacking is the familiar Microsoft Office package for everyday writing/publishing needs.

There is an argument that Microsoft should wait until their own tablet is released, prior to an iOS office application going on sale.

Forrester research analysts are of the opinion that the rise of subsidised, cut-price versions of tablets from Amazon, WhSmith and Barnes and Noble will mean that Windows 8 tablets will face tough competition from cheap varieties and also well-established tablet manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and Blackberry.