Anwar Ibrahim Awaiting Verdict in Sodomy Case

Channels Television  
Updated December 16, 2011
Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim

The Opposition leader in Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim, whose trial recently ended in a sodomy case against him and a 26 year old former male aide in Kuala Lampur high court is facing 20 years in prison if found guilty of the charge.

Although trial finally went to a close after nearly over 2 years, the climax of it which is the verdict has been set for January the 9th 2012.

DNA samples and the credibility of the accuser; Saiful Bukhari Azlan were put to question by Anwar Ibrahim’s lawyer which were used to link the Opposition Leader to the charges.

There has been speculations that the charges were merely a setup from the political arena to tarnish the image and reputation of the Opposition leader so as not to clinch power in the polls.

This will be a repeat of 1998 while Anwar was the Deputy Prime Minister and was sent to jail for sodomy.

Malaysia’s next elections are not due until 2013, but the prime minister is expected to call for an early general election next year before economic growth in the country slows further.