Arab League Observers Leave Syria

Channels Television  
Updated January 25, 2012

Most of the Gulf Arab League observers started leaving Syria today after the decision made by the Gulf Corporation Council that all observers from the Arab League on mission to Syria should return as other oberservers of the Arab League in Kuwait and Bahrain did earlier.

Arab League Observers Leave Syria

According to Reuters report,this decision was prompted after the arab states rejected an Arab League plan for President Bashar al-Assad to surrender power, prompting the group’s chief to call for U.N. help in ending Syria’s bloody upheaval

Arab League officials said 55 Gulf Arab observers were being withdrawn while the other 110 members of the team would continue work in Syria.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem accused the League on Tuesday of plotting to engineer foreign intervention.

Thousands of civilians and members of security forces have been killed in the 10-month-old uprising against Assad.

Despite Syria’s anger, Moualem agreed to extend by a month the mission of the remaining Arab League observers who are monitoring implementation of a plan to end the bloodshed.

But he scornfully rejected the League’s latest proposal.
The revolt in Syria was inspired by others that have toppled three Arab leaders and the bloodshed has battered Assad’s standing in the world, with Iran among his few remaining allies.