Boko haram kills two in Kano, closes talks with FG

Channels Television  
Updated March 21, 2012

Dreaded Islamist group, Boko Haram, killed two civilians and injured one person at the Freedom Radio junction, Kano, where people were playing cards on Tuesday.

The suspected Boko Haram members came on motorcycles to launch attack by shooting sporadically. The Police Public Relations Officer of the Kano State police command, ASP Magaji Musa Majiya said the gunmen came on motorcycles and shot the two people.

He, however, stated that before the team arrived at the scene of the incident, the gunmen had fled. He also said investigation into the incident had commenced.

Meanwhile, the sect has said there was never and there will be no negotiation between it and government, adding that the  media report in respect of negotiations between the group and the government was probably fuelled by the recent public statement by President Goodluck Jonathan urging the sect to come forward for dialogue, to make their demands clear with a view to resolving the protracted problem in the country.

According to the spokesman for the sect, Abul Qaqa, “the first condition we gave was the need for unconditional release of all our members. There was an initial meeting between us and the government and in the process, one of our members, Abu Dardaa, was arrested in Kaduna. Since then, we never trusted the government.

“However, following endless pleas by some notable Nigerians, whom we have enormous respect for, we resolved to give another chance. These people said they would intercede between us and the government. They said they had the capacity and we trusted them.

Unfortunately, however, the opportunity was messed up. Almighty God has told us repeatedly that the unbelievers will never respect the promises they made.

“As such, henceforth, we would never respect any proposal for dialogue. In fact, we have closed all possible doors of negotiation. We would never listen to any call for negotiations.”

Qaqa, who stated this during a telephone conference with the media in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, on Tuesday, also said:  “Let the government forces do whatever they feel they can do and we too would use all the wherewithal at our disposal and do what we can.

“If the government thinks arresting our members will discourage us from launching onslaught, then let them continue arresting and killing our members. We strongly believe that Almighty Allah will give us the power to catch and prosecute government forces. We are optimistic that we would dismantle this government and establish Islamic government in Nigeria.

“Let the Federal Government and its agents do what they can and we, in return, would also do what we can.