Communication Technology Ministry is growing -Minister

Channels Television  
Updated August 9, 2012

On Question time today, the Minister of Communication Technology; Mrs Omobola Johnson who has been in office now for a year after the President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan created the new office.

Looking at her personal background, there’s no doubt that she probably is the person fit for the office as a pioneer as she is knowledgeable in the I.T field with a bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Manchester and a Master’s Degree in Digital Electronics from Kings College London.

Question Time decided to put on the hot seat to know what steps her ministry has been taking in the past year to make sure that Nigeria is listed amongst nations that has embraced ICT and as a developed country too.

The Minister also spoke about factors militating against quality delivery of telecom operators in the country and what has been done to tackle these challenges.