Candidates’ spending must be controlled during and after elections-CSO

Channels Television  
Updated November 30, 2012

A civil social group, Centre for Social Justice, is agitating for legislations that will control the spending of political parties and their candidates before and after elections in Nigeria.

Lead Director of the Group, Mr Eze Onyekpere who made suggestions which he wants to be reflected in the Electoral Act following the proposed amendment of the constitution, said “the proposed control will ensure that campaign financing is in tandem with international best practices where money ceases to be the determining factor for election wins”.

Part of the group’s legislative advocacy include establishing laws that mandate every candidate to

make public, expenses and resources used for his election and afterwards.

The group also wants the contestant to declare his assets prior to the election, and the setting up of a specialized independent body to monitor political campaign finance and the use of state and administrative resources.

The group also advocates the mandatory opening of a special campaign fund account for all candidates which will be subject to a trail, with stiff penalties such as vacation of office, set for candidates that spend in excess of statutory limitations.

They also want donations to candidates and parties to be subject to taxes among other things.