Power Outage Disrupts Jonathan’s Easter Service In Lagos

Channels Television  
Updated March 31, 2013

President Goodluck Jonathan’s first Easter Sunday service and celebration in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city was marred by an embarrassing power outage at the Our Savour’s Church Marina, where the President worshipped.

The President speech was interrupted as the power outage occurred while he was delivering his speech to the congregation.

He was talking about his administration’s restructuring of the Nigerian economy when the church was thrown into darkness as seen in the picture on a very sunny day in Lagos.

Laughing along with the cheering congregation, Dr Jonathan remarked that by the power outage, officials of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria are telling him not to sleep until the nation’s power crisis is fixed.

“They know that I’m here; that’s why they took light, at least to remind me that I must not sleep until we stabilise power. God willing, next year they will not take light” he said.

He however vowed that by next year the power in the church will be uninterrupted.

The Easter Sunday service also had in attendance, former Head of State General Yakubu Gowon.