Nintendo’s Wii U Sales Disappoint

Channels Television  
Updated July 31, 2013

Sales of Nintendo’s latest games console, the Wii U, slowed in the three months to June. The gaming giant sold just 160,000 units, down 51% from the previous three months. Nintendo has sold 3.61 million units in total so far.

However, the company said that it still expected to sell nine million Wii U units by March 2014.

Nintendo also reported a profit for the latest quarter, with its earnings helped by the weaker value of the yen. It reported a net profit of 8.6bn yen ($88m; £58m) for the three months to June, compared with a loss of 17.2bn yen in the same period a year ago.

A cheap yen boosts profits when earnings for Japanese exporters are repatriated.

Nintendo launched the Wii U in November last year, but titles for the console have seen developmental delays.

The company says it is hoping a slew of new games titles will boost sales.Video game companies have been suffering as people increasingly play games on their smartphones and other devices.

Nintendo, famous for video game titles such as Donkey Kong and Super Mario, left its earnings forecast of 55bn yen for the year to March 2014 unchanged.