Simple Basic Hygiene Will Curtail Ebola Virus – Dr. Oguntimehin

A Permanent Secretary in the Primary Healthcare board, Lagos, Dr. Oluwakayode Oguntimehin, has advised Nigerians to imbibe the habit of maintaining simple basic hygiene  as … Continue reading Simple Basic Hygiene Will Curtail Ebola Virus – Dr. Oguntimehin

Dr. OguntimehinA Permanent Secretary in the Primary Healthcare board, Lagos, Dr. Oluwakayode Oguntimehin, has advised Nigerians to imbibe the habit of maintaining simple basic hygiene  as it is the key to curtail the threat posed by the deadly Ebola virus.

Dr. Oguntimehin, who was a guest on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, on Wednesday, insisted that doing those simple basic hygienic things such as washing of the hands regularly could actually stop the outbreak of the virus.

He further revealed that for the timely intervention as well as the professionalism of First Consultants, who were knowledgeable to identify the problem and inform the appropriate authorities of what to do, there would have been a big problem of the containing the virus in Lagos.

Dr. Oguntimehin said the Lagos State government has been meeting regularly with the officials of the Federal government since the incident started.

”There are regular meetings every day about what to do on containing the virus and we have five different groups doing different things such as information, epidemiology, case management,  burial teams that we train and people who take care of the waste.

In his opinion, Nigeria is lucky as the victim doesn’t live in Nigeria and there has been no indigenous case since the incident due to the minimal level of contact because the affected person fell ill at the airport

He assured the public that the authorities have traced and are monitoring the few who had contact with the affected person.

Dr. Oguntimehin further said that the authorities are monitoring those who were on the same flight with him and so far, none of them are affected.

Despite knowing that the virus has an incubation period of 2 to 21 days, and the critical period is usually 8 to 10 days after contact, Dr Oguntimehin said if the person does not fall ill, the virus cannot be given to another person

He explains further, ”Normally, it starts with normal symptoms such as malaria or fever as any other  infectious disease and it takes two to three days after the fever starts that you start shedding the virus in your body fluids which makes you acutely ill. So people should not panic”

He said the fever, which is a high one is such that you cannot really move about and the virus build up themselves to a certain number before shedding in a body fluids and this takes about 2 to 3 days.

Thus, it is unlikely to be transmitted, at least till the fourth day as it is the contact with body fluids that makes one get the virus.

”The virus cannot be detected before the critical stage”

He urged people to make use of simple basic hygiene, which includes but not limited to washing hand regularly with soap, as this will stop one from getting the virus. He further, advised anyone who has fever or come in contact with any suspicious disease to go to any health facility for precautionary measures.

Dr Oguntimehin said the virus is deadly but its weakness is in its deadliness because it tends to burn itself out.

On the source of the virus, which is widely  suggested that is probably from animals human eat, Dr. Oguntimehin said nobody is sure what the natural host is.

”It is the preparation of that dead animal to consumable instance that you may get the transmission”

He then advised people to eat a well cooked meat to avoid being in danger of the virus.

On the sensitization, he reiterated that as much as it is important to enlighten people about the virus, there is no indigenous case and it is not right to cause panic.

He, however, said the authorities are taking steps to involve people in the regular meetings that are been held where they share information about what is been done in Lagos.

Dr Oguntimehin said they have taken steps in monitoring the different routes to and fro Nigeria and reports are gotten regularly from the borders and so far there has been no report of any suspicious case.

”The Federal Government has alerted all border posts in the country to try and make sure that there is certain degree of caution for people coming in’’

He said the Lagos State government has distributed many thermometers as they can and an infrared themo scan which can detect a high temperature when people walk through it.

Dr. Oguntimehin said the medical association strike is not necessarily affecting the containment of the virus as people don’t need to take cases with the Ebola virus to a normal hospital but to the isolation unit which is prepared by the authorities.