Achieving Food Security Through Biotechnology And Genetically Modified Crops

Channels Television  
Updated September 5, 2014

BiotechnologyAgric Information Broker, Mr African-Farmer Mogaji, believes that the technology behind the Genetically Modified Crops is not bad depending on its use.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Business Morning, he stated that the technology has only suffered hostility because of its name, as there are no scientific proofs that the crops have affected people’s health.

He aligned with Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture, Akinwumi Adesina, whom he said, has embraced best-practice by avoiding the controversial term, genetically modified crops and just mention a more favoured term – biotechnology.

The Consultant explained that Biotechnology is a broad term used for a group of technologies that involves a bit of biological processes and systems in improving a product or service.

However, genetic modification is an aspect of it which involves practices like cloning, In vitro fertilization and many others.

Although the views remain that the genetically modified crops are not safe, Mogaji believes that the scientists made a mistake with the choice of term for the technology as Nigerians can be sensitive to such names.