Trump Says Obamacare Key Provisions To Remain

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Updated November 12, 2016

Donald Trump Says Obamacare Key Provisions To RemainUS President-elect, Donald Trump says he might not completely abolish President Barack Obama’s healthcare bill, popularly called Obamacare.

Mr Trump, who has pledged to repeal the 2010 law, says he will keep the ban on insurers denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.

He also says he favours allowing young adults to be insured on their parents’ policies.

According to the President-elect, it was his meeting with Mr Obama on Thursday that made him reconsider his calls for an all-out replacement of the affordable care act.

Meanwhile, anti-Trump protests continue in the United States, with violence reported in some parts of the country.

Thousands have remained unhappy with president-elect Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S presidential elections, and have continued to take to the streets of major cities, in a third day of more violent protests.

Following Wednesday’s election results, the protesters had since begun protesting across the cities of Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, while smashing windows and starting up fires as a way of expressing their frustration.

Unperturbed, Mr Donald Trump, has said that he will soon be making ‘very important decision’ on persons that will be in his cabinet.

Mr Trump announced the plan on Friday on his Twitter handle.

“Busy day planned in New York. Will soon be making some very important decisions on the people who will be running our government,” the tweet read.

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