‘Unacceptable’, FG Faults Inauguration Of Gabon Coup Leader As Interim President

The Nigerian Government demanded an immediate return to democracy in Gabon.

Gabon’s new strongman General Brice Oligui Nguema (R) salutes as he is inaugurated as Gabon’s interim President, in Libreville on September 4, 2023. (Photo by  AFP)


The Federal Government of Nigeria on Monday faulted the inauguration of Gabonese General Brice Oligui Nguema as the country’s interim President.

In a statement, the spokesperson for Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Francisca Omayuli, demanded an immediate return to democracy in Gabon.

Nguema had on August 30, 2023, led a coup ending 55 years of rule by the Bongo dynasty.

The coup leader was subsequently sworn in on Monday as interim President.
“I swear before God and the Gabonese people to faithfully preserve the republican regime,” said Nguema, who has pledged to hold elections after a still-unspecified transition period.

However, the Nigerian Government said the inauguration of Nguema “with no indication of a transition programme in place, only serves to fan the embers of growing discontent among the political class in the country”.

“Nigeria, therefore, joins the larger international community to call for the immediate return to democratic constitutional order, which will go a long way to pacify dissident voices and restore trust and confidence to the electorate,” the statement partly read.

“Coups d’etat only serve to compound rather than address any perceived problems.

“The coup d’etat in Gabon is therefore, one coup too many in Africa and it is unacceptable at a time when Africa is aspiring to consolidate on democracy and democratic principles for the attainment of United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“The Federal Government of Nigeria is committed to partnering with other democratically elected governments in Africa to sanction perpetrators of unconstitutional change of government in line with the African Charter 2 on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ADC), until democracy is given the chance to thrive in every African country for the good of its peoples.”