Rema’s ‘Charm’ Has No Morals, Says Blackface

Referencing the lyrics of Rema's song "Charm," in which the singer stated, "I get money pass your papa," Blackface expressed his discontent, saying he could not imagine his daughter inviting a man who would say such a thing to their home.

Blackface says Rema lacks morals.


A former member of the group Plantashun Boiz, Ahmedu Augustine, popularly known as Blackface, says Rema’s song ‘Charm’ lacks morals.

Blackface made this comment in an interview on the Honest Bunch podcast on Monday. where he criticised  the lyrics of the song  ‘Charm’ which was released in 2022 and has  topped many charts and became a global hit song phenomenon

Rema recently secured the title of Best Global Africa Artist of the Year for his hit track, “Calm Down,” at the Trace Awards in Rwanda.

Referencing the lyrics of the song “Charm,” in which the singer stated, “I get money pass your papa,” Blackface expressed his discontent, saying he would never allow his daughter to marry a personality like Rema.

“You dey drive your car, you no dey hear my music for there, but you dey hear I get e money pass your papa, pass your mama – as in. Fine girl, come; wetin dey worry you.

“I dey talk to you, you know sey I get money pass your papa. Na that kain boy my daughter wan carry come house for me—say daddy, ‘I like this man, I want to marry him’.

“I go kick two of una go outside, (I will kick two of them outside) because this one number one, no morals. Why I am telling you no morals is because what you speak comes from the heart. Unless somebody is telling you to speak something else because they feel it is going to sell,” Blackface said.

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Blackface asserted that the lyrics of the song reflected what is in the heart of Rema.

The songwriter also stressed that an artist disrespects the industry when they are only concerned with making money. He lamented, adding, “This is why there is no real love for the game.”

‘Music With Consciousness’

Additionally, Blackface underlined the need for a conscious and real music message in the industry, pointing out that this will help transform the way that young people in the community think.

“Everybody has the music they want to follow, but from what we need, there is a difference between what we need and what we have.

“Right now, what we have is not really what we need. What we need is music with consciousness and a real message that can change the mindset of our youth. We need it more than ever now.”

In his opinion, musicians ought to perform music for the betterment of society rather than solely for financial gain.

“You are not an artist because you don’t have that task to sanitize the society. You are just somebody that leverages what the artist does, so if the artist is not doing what the artist should be doing, the creativity of the artist is not going to be seen,” he said.