‘A Lie From The Pit Of Hell’, Zack Orji Reacts To Death Rumours

The actor ruled out going after the perpetrators of the rumours.

Zack Orji. Photo: @realzackorji/Instagram


Veteran Nollywood actor, Zack Orji, has described as a ‘lie from the pit of hell’ rumours of his death while he was on his sick bed. 

The actor in a chat with Channels Television disclosed that after the rumours broke out, he began receiving calls from different concerned fellows who wanted to confirm if it was true.

“About a week ago or more than that, I don’t know who originated that lie, I call it a lie from the pit of hell that well; not myself, they had passed away, and then I saw it and I started receiving all kind of calls even calls from people I haven’t heard from for years, most of them were just concerned, they wanted to find out if it was true and all of that,” the actor said.

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Orji however said he does not want to waste his time accousting anybody for spreading such news as he has more important things to do with his life and time.

“I can only say that sometimes, social media has made people be so reckless and callous to the point of spreading fake news just to grow their page. I believe that’s what that person did. And it happened at the time when we lost some of our colleagues, the latest one being Amaechi Munagor ….. But thank God that our lives are not with men, our lives are with God, it is God that is the keeper and strength of our lives. Thank God that it is not my time yet. I don’t want to waste my time accousting anybody for that lie. I just let it go because I have more important things to do with my life and time. ”

The actor who is granting the first interview about his health also recounted some of the dark moments he experienced before the surgery that eventually saved his life.

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