UN Security Council Set For Deliberation On Maintaining Peace In Conflict Regions

UN-Security-Council-meeting-of-August-2015The members of the United Nations Security Council are set for another round of deliberations on maintaining peace in conflict regions around the world.

Nigeria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Professor Joy Ogwu, will lead the council to take decisive steps on the crises in South Sudan and Libya.

Ahead of the discussions, Professor Ogwu will hold talks with the South Sudanese and South African ambassadors in her office.

Channels Television’s correspondent, Adesewa Josh, said that the council members were set to receive a report on South Sudan and Libya.

“The UN mission in South Sudan is supposed to release a report on Monday and the council members are also supposed to go through the report the same day,” Adesewa said.

There have been series of consultations on whether to end the political crises between the President, Salva Kiir Mayardit and his opponent, Riek Marchar. The council members are trying their best to end the crisis, she said.

Recently, when President Barack Obama visited Africa, there was a meeting held in Ethiopia on what could be done to end the crises especially because of the increasing number of deaths South Sudan, which was becoming condemnable.

There was an overnight meeting between the group Kenyata and the regional council to end the crises.

Professor Ogwu, however,  expressed confidence on the AU and ECOWAS and also stressed the need to ensure that regional organisations can step up when it comes to stemming the tide of violence in Africa.

The Security Council said it might begin to explore sanctions if nothing was done between South Sudan and Libya.

UN Security Council To Focus On Security Crisis As Nigeria Presides

UN-security-council-chemberThe Middle East crisis, especially in Syria and Yemen coupled with deliberations on Liberia sanctions will be the focus for the meetings of the United Nation’s Security Council that will be presided over by Nigeria.

Nigeria’s presidency over the United Nations Security Council meetings for the month of August will begin in earnest on Wednesday August 12 and Nigeria’s permanent representative, Professor Joy Ogwu, will be leading the discussions for the next three weeks.

All representatives of the permanent and non-permanent members of the Council will deliberate on how to maintain global security and peace.

In the meantime, many Nigerians abroad have expressed optimism that Nigeria’s presidency at the Council would bring closure to the security challenges the oil-rich nation’s north-east.

Nigeria is currently tackling terrorism by members of the Boko Haram, who are trying to establish an Islamic State and also end western education in the north-east region.

The Nigerian government is also seeking effective ways to stamping out terrorism.

Opinions are that the country should make use of the opportunity to achieve needed peace in the north-east.

Channels Television’s correspondent in New York, Adesewa Josh, said expectations were high among Nigerians in the U.S.

“This is a wonderful opportunity I must say for Nigeria to express its desire for recommendations that will help in the fight against terrorism. This is not only something that is happening in Nigeria. So hopefully, Nigeria can use this platform to express here desire for terrorism, if not stamped out to be handled in a very forceful manner,” Courtney Noel said.

Obama Meets With 500 African Youth In Washington D.C.

Barack Obama and YALI FellowsPresident Barack Obama has commended young Africans attending the 2014 Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) summit in Washington D.C. in the United States for their efforts to transform the continent.

At the event on Monday, the US President changed the name of the summit from Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) to Mandela Washington Fellowship For Young African Leaders, in honour of the late South African leader, Nelson Mandela.

The summit, attended by at least 500 youths from across Sub-Saharan Africa, started with a speech by the Secretary of State, John Kerry, before the conversation session between the YALI fellows and President Barack Obama.

The initiative is President Obama’s signature effort to invest in the next generation of African entrepreneurs, educators and activists.

Channels Television’s correspondent, Adesewa Josh, reports that 500 YALI fellows are attending the three-day event.

“It is a very big day for the 500 YALI fellows selected from a very resourceful pool of over 40,000 applicants.

“It is a big day for Nigeria which has the highest number of delegates in the programme, with 40 participants, ” Josh said.




What If The US Stop Buying Our Oil?

United States’ imports of Nigerian crude oil slumped to the lowest level in more than 15 years in March, according to US Energy Department data released recently.

Nigeria shipped 337,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude to the US, as against an average of 768,000 bpd for 2011. Imports of Nigerian crude to the East Coast of the US dropped to 1.745 million barrels in March, down 44 percent from February, while shipments to the Gulf Coast rose 31 percent to 8.693 million barrels.

Analysts say the rising production from the Eagle Ford shale formation in the US state of Texas may further dampen demand for Nigeria’s crude.

In this report, Adesewa Josh examines the implication of the declining demand for Nigerian crude oil in the American market.

US Calls On FG To Prosecute Corrupt Officials

The issue of corruption remains a major challenge to the Nigerian system and it is up to the government to prosecute some influential corrupt officials for the nation to move forward.

These were the suggestions made by the US Consular General, Mr Jeffrey Hawkins, when he played a special visit to the corporate headquarters of Channels Television, in Lagos on Wednesday.

In an interview with our correspondent Adesewa Josh, Mr Hawkins reiterated the US commitment to the nation, and pointed out the role of government in tackling corruption.

Mr Hawkins noted that the US-Nigeria Bi-National Commission which was signed about two years ago is set to help strengthen institutions of government in the country so that Nigeria realizes her long term goal of reducing corruption but he noted that “the Nigerian government, itself will have to take the most important step of prosecuting some influential officials.”

According to the US envoy, the world largest economy prosecuted 1,100 officials in the outgoing year; he therefore urged the Nigerian government and its people to do the needful by fighting corruption to move the nation forward in a bid to achieve its full potentials.

He also stated that there are four working groups of the US-Nigeria Bi-National Commission and that one of them is mainly focused on transparency and fight against corruption.

State police already exist in the North – Former NBA Vice President

Former first National Vice President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Ikeazor Akaraiwe on Wednesday said that the call for state police is in order and that the structure of security in some Northern states is decentralized.

Mr Akaraiwe, who was a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, said that the Hisbah security structure in some Northern states is an example of a state police structure.

Commissioner explains new Lagos traffic law

The Lagos State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Ade Ipaye on Tuesday gave a detailed explanation to the reasons why the government drafted the new law regulating traffic in the city.

Mr Ipaye, who was speaking as a guest in Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, said that before the law was enacted, the chaotic traffic situation in Lagos posed a threat to people’s health, careers and family life.

SSS does not recycle suspects – Former Director

A Former Director of the State Secret Service (SSS), Mike Ejiofor has reacted to speculations that the security body recycle suspects at different times and for different crimes.

Mr Ejiofor, who was discussing the security situation in Nigeria as a guest on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Tuesday, reacted to the speculations in two ways.

“My first reaction (when I heard the speculation) was that I got excited. I got excited that Nigerians are now becoming very conscious of their environment. This is good for our democracy and development,” he said.

The second reaction Mr Ejiofor gave was an explanation of what happened when the suspected killers of Olaitan Oyerinde, the Principal Secretary to Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State were paraded in Abuja by the SSS.

Following the parade of the six suspects, there were complains in different quarters that the shirts worn by three of the suspected killers of late Oyerinde were the same worn by suspected members of Boko Haram paraded by the SSS three months ago.

Watch the video below for Mr Ejiofor’s reaction to the speculation.

Aviation road show is not a jamboree – Minister’s aide

The Special Adviser to the Minister of Aviation, Oche Elias on Tuesday said that the road show planned by the Ministry of Aviation is not a jamboree but a means to attract more investors to the sector.

Mr Elias, who was speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, said the delegates to be on the road show will visit three countries within seven days and meet with 16 prospective investors.

In the video below, the aide to the aviation Minister speaks on the purpose of the planned trip and the current situation of the road show.

Boko Haram: Expert calls for increased border security

Combating the security threats in Nigeria will require not just a better patrol of the nation’s borders but a proactive approach from the law enforcement agencies.

This suggestion is coming from a security expert, Ona Ekhomu.

Mr Ekhomu was speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast program, Sunrise Daily.

Aviation lawyer says Nigeria skies are safer

An aviation lawyer, Tunde Irukera said that the Nigeria aviation sector is getting safer and enjoying more patronage than before.

Mr Irukera was speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast program, Sunrise Daily.

Though, the aviation lawyer said the aviation industry have garnered more trust from Nigerians, more work need to be done to make the skies safer.

Olympic: Analyst says poor planning robbed Nigeria of medals

Sport analyst, Solomon Ajuziogu on Monday blamed the poor performance of team Nigeria at the London 2012 Olympics on poor planning.

Mr Ajuziogu who was speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast program, Sunrise Daily, said from the beginning of the Olympics he knew that the team would return to Nigeria without a single medal.

“I wasn’t expecting anything. We didn’t prepare; we aren’t ready for it. It’s just all paper talk,” he said.

Mr Ajuziogu said planning is what took the Chinese to the top of the medal table.