Goldie is Remembered Today

It’s a year already since songstress and former Big Brother Star game housemate, Bimpe Filani, popularly known as Goldie Harvey, passed on.

The late musician died on the way to the hospital after complaining of headache, shortly after returning from the USA, where she attended the Grammys Awards.

Goldie before her death was married to Andrew Harvey and graduated from the University of Sunderland in 2007 with a BA in Business Management.

She was 29 years old and a member of Kennis Music Record.

I can marry Goldie – Prezzo

Kenyan rapper, Prezzo whose real name is Jackson Ngechu Makini on Wednesday confessed his feelings for his  former housemate in the just concluded Big Brother Africa stargame, Goldie Harvey saying one of his missions in Nigeria is  to see her.

Prezzo who is currently in Nigeria, in an interviewed with his fans said at first he came to the Big Brother House as an individual, along the line he said he developed feelings for Goldie.

“In all honesty, I cared about her and she cared about me. In that house, you don’t know what to expect. With God on my side I pray everything works out well.

“The attraction was nature taking its cause. We found ourselves mostly together all the time. I will tell Goldie I’ve been thinking about her since I left the house. Emotions started building up when we were in the house. You can’t control your emotions.

“My mission here is to look for Goldie, Yes I will marry her,” Prezzo.
Prezzo also spoke about his broken marriage.

“I was married before and now we are separated but I have a baby girl with her and that is not the end of the world. My baby mama has the divorce papers with her and it is in process. We don’t live together for the past 3 years and my wife knows our relationship cannot work. There is no relationship between the both of us anymore”.

He however added that he is willing to get the Nigerian singer back “My mission here is to look for Goldie. The time for looking out for fan base will come.

“I travelled from East Africa to West Africa and that is just the beginning. The Big Brother House will bring the worst of you and the best of you. For everyone who felt offended I am truly sorry, I am not that kind of person. It’s just a game of strategy. The BBA House is nothing but a game”.

Goldie leaves the Big Brother Stargame

The only remaining Nigerian housemate in the Big Brother Africa, Goldie Harvey was on Sunday night evicted from the Stargame.

Big Brother presenter IK first broke the good news to Lady May and Kyle that they had been saved by Africa, then Goldie was unfortunately told that she had become the latest eviction victim from the house.

She was called onto the stage where she appeared in an emotional state, IK(presenter) tried comforting her. She could not fight her emotions after realizing that her struggle for the US$300,000 has come to an end.

Goldie was speechless even her last words could not be heard during her interview on the live show.
Goldie was shown a video clip of the nominations in the diary room while crying Goldie couldn’t believe that of the two votes that took her to the chopping block, Keitta‘s was inclusive.

An angry Goldie showed how disappointed she was to see that Keitta the person she was caring for put her up for possible eviction.

With so much pain Goldie responded, ” Oh my God, I have been cooking for Keitta, looking after him but he nominated me?” Goldie said while crying live on stage.

A brief chart below shows how Africa voted.









Angola: Prezzo

Botswana: Lady May

Ghana: Kyle

Kenya: Prezzo

Liberia: Prezzo

Malawi: Kyle

Namibia: Lady May

Nigeria: Goldie

South Africa: Kyle

Sierra Leone: Kyle

Tanzania: Prezzo

Uganda: Kyle

Zambia: Kyle

Zimbabwe: Lady May

Rest of Africa: Goldie

Total: Kyle = 6; Prezzo = 4, Lady May = 3, Goldie = 2. (Total: 15 Votes)

Big Brother has been Kidnapped

There was so much panic and fear in the Big Brother house on Wednesday morning when a new Big Brother invaded the house.

Biggie has been kidnapped and in his place a new, scarier Big Brother has taken over.

There was panic this morning when the lights were dimmed dramatically and a powerful force took the reins.

Goldie with so much shock left her mouth open, while Alex sat in the corner looking dumbfounded. After what seemed to be an eternity, the lights came back on and a scary voice rang through the House.

The new Big Brother did not introduce himself instead delivered a shocker saying Big Brother has been kidnapped.

What can the housemate do to save Big Brother?

BBA: Junia and Malonza get evicted

One of Big Brother’s most loved couple Junia and Malonza are no more in the House. They were the latest to bid farewell at the Stargame last night.

When it was time for the eviction, IK, the presenter, scared the 6 housemates that were put up for eviction, by calling out their names with so much sympathy.

Prezzo who was the first to be metioned showed so much fret in him, but fortunately for him he was saved by his fans.

Malonza whose name was also mentioned appeared not to be bothered, instead his girlfriend Junia broke down into tears.

When being asked by the presenter (IK) if the relationship was going to continue even after he leaves BBA, Malonza said “Anything that continues from here will be a plus but all I know is that Junia is a special friend.

He added that “what brought me joy at the Big Brother was the fact that I found Junia.”

When the time for the second eviction came, Goldie was so nervous that Prezzo (the evicted)  had to pat  her at the back but he got lucky.

Well, when it was time to depart the house, Junia smiled while hugging others and whispered “At least am leaving with him.”

It is clear that these two have genuine feelings for each other and they now finally have a chance to see if their love is for real.

BBA: Prezzo sings for Goldie, says you are my pride, my joy

After series of misunderstanding and regrets between Goldie and Prezzo, in a cheerful mood on Wednesday afternoon, loverboy prezzo sang for his girlfriend singing “You are my pride, my joy , my baby”.

Goldie up in the morning singing merrily to herself while doing the dishes, Prezzo cooking in the kitchen wearing a blue chef outfit couldn’t do anything better than to sing for his boo.

Previously in the house, he had complained to his other housemate Keitha that he is over and done with the relationship, Goldie on the other hand said to herself that she is over with Prezzo and will not allow him get to her again.

Would this be the end to the breakup and fights?

BBA: Who will Africa save in this week’s eviction battle?

From the nominations announced, Lady May was leading with five votes followed by Kyla with three votes, Goldie, Prezzo, Junia and Keagan had two votes each while Keitta, Alex, Malonza and Jannette had one vote each

The housemates gathered in the lounge waiting for Big Brother to reveal who will be put up for eviction. In alphabetical order, Biggie mentioned Goldie, Junia, Keagan, Kyle, Lady May and Prezzo.

The head of the house has to save one housemate from eviction, but being part of the housemates put on the eviction list, Keagan (this week’s head of the house) had to replace himself.

Keagan found himself in a dilemma when asked to name the housemate he wished to replace him. He started by calling names already on the eviction list but had to later settle for Malonza.

The battle in this week’s eviction is between Goldie, Junia, Kyle, Lady May, Malonza and Prezzo… who will Africa save?



BBA: You should not have saved me from eviction, Prezzo tells Goldie

After Sunday night’s eviction, Goldie has been in deep thoughts if she made the right choice and why.

Goldie and Prezzo were having a simple conversation, suddenly they started an argument.

Prezzo accused Goldie of pretending saying that she should not have said she want to embark on a “voluntary exit” from the Big Brother House when she did not mean it.

On this issue, Goldie attacked Prezzo and told him that he wanted her to leave so that he would win the grand prize.

She also accused Prezzo of not caring if she leaves or stays in the game.

Prezzo however denied the allegation and reminded Goldie of a day she came out from the Diary room crying after her swapping.

The Kenyan told his lady that it was not his issue but he took his responsibility, as someone who cared for her and followed her up where she was going, just to ask her what was wrong but it looks like she never appreciated all this.

In pains and sadness Goldie tried to convince Prezzo of how much she cared for him and wouldn’t want to see him exit the star game, so that’s why she save him from the evictions.

Hearing the word eviction, Prezzo fumed and told Gooldie that he never needed her to save him; he wanted to see how Africa could have decided therefore she would have left the issues as they were for Africa.

Goldie broke down in shock and accused Prezzo of not appreciating all her efforts and the open heart she has shown towards him.

After the conversation, some minutes later Prezzo left the kitchen for his bed without talking to her, Goldie broke down in tears and started regretting all her efforts she has shown to Prezzo which he doesn’t appreciate.

Big Brother: Goldie sings for boyfriend Prezzo

Still on the Big Brother Stargame, Goldie and Prezzo’s relationship seems to be growing stronger, following the romantic session that occurred between the two a few hours ago.  The incident occurred after the housemates’ workout sessions in the early hours of today.

Goldie was doing what she knew how to do best in the kitchen, when her Kenyan man Prezzo stepped in to help with the dishes. Within the twinkle of an eye, they both starred at each other and began singing Mariah Carey’s “Always be my baby”.

The songstress soon changed her rhythm to “I don’t wanna leave, I wanna spend a lifetime in your arms,” while her boo hummed along and sang back up.

For the rest of the morning the love birds sang different love songs and pop hits to each other as they continued sharing the kitchen duties.

Big Brother: DKB releases apology song to Zainab

Former housemate of the Big Brother Stargame, Derick Kobina Boney popularly known as DKB has released an apology song to his ex-mate Zainab for slapping her.

The aim of the song is to address gender violence and the repercussions.

The Ghanaian star hopes the song will send the message across the continent.

The song featured female artiste Shee_Rap.

DKB and Zainab were both disqualified from the BigBrother house for engaging in a physical confrontation.

Big Brother kicks out Roki and Maneta from stargame

Big Brother on Tuesday disqualified the two Zimbabweans, Roki and Maneta, who are representating their country in the stargame show.

This is the second time that Big Brother will be taking the decision to disqualify housemates who violate the House rules. Zainab and DKB were also disqualified from the show after DKB slapped Zainab.

“No! Biggie no!” was all Keitta could say after Biggie delivered the verdict Goldie wailed while Lady May and Prezzo started shedding tears.

Roki tried calming his housemates as he went tout of the dairy room to start packing his belongings, Maneta on the other hand was still confined in the dairy room.

According to Big Brother, “Maneta and Roki – you have both contravened the Provocation rule – repeatedly. Roki you intentionally provoked Maneta by pouring water over her head. Maneta, you then threw cleaning fluid in Roki’s face. Maneta, you also threatened to stab Roki.

“This after you had both thrown fluids over each other earlier in the day, Big Brother asked you both to show restraint – and neither of you did. As you are both no doubt aware, you have left Big Brother with absolutely no choice. In terms of the House Rules you have both been disqualified from the game.”
Zimbabwe is no longer represented in the Big Brother Stargame.

Big Brother Africa: Intrigues as housemates nominate others for eviction

All the Housemates had to nominate two of their fellow Housemates that they will like to put up for eviction this week, as Big Brother had clearly asked.

• Goldie: Maneta was her first choice because she feels she is hitting on Prezzo, second choice was Lady May saying Namibians are very difficult to understand, she seems to be nice and in a blink of an eye she changes.

• Prezzo : The Kenyan rapper nominated Barbaz reason is that she is a storm in the house and she is leaving a life of pretense, his second nomination was Maneta saying she plays a lot of dirty games.

• Maneta: Her first nomination went to Goldie saying she is a nice person but feels hurt when she sees someone playing with her feelings. Her second nomination went to Prezzor reason is he doesn’t respect Goldie’s feelings.

• Keitta: His first choice was Maneta saying that she didn’t listen to him when he was explaining to her about his relationship with Mildred and she is acting like an obstacle. His second choice was Barbz saying she can be manipulative.

• Roki: His first choice was Maneta saying she was trying to to break up Keitta and Mildred’s relationship when she tried to throw herself to Keitta in front of the world’s screens. His second choice was Barbz saying she is more popular, therefore she can be saved.

• Lady May: Her first choice went to Prezzo saying he was not respecting the rules given to her by Biggie as the Head of House, yet he used to respect all the other previous Heads of House. Her second choice was Goldie saying she follows Prezzo in disobeying.

• Barbz: She also nominated Prezzo saying that he doesn’t respect Goldie’s feelings, her second choice Lady May saying she is not co-operative.