ISIS Confirms Jihadi John’s Death 

Jihadi JohnThe Islamic State has confirmed the death of Jihadi John in a drone strike in November 2015.

The group published an obituary for the British militant, whose real name was Mohammed Emwazi, in its online magazine, Dabiq.

In November, the US military said it was “reasonably certain” it had killed him in the ISIS-stronghold of Raqqa.

Emwazi appeared in beheading videos of victims including UK aid worker, David Haines and taxi driver, Alan Henning.

He was a computer programming graduate who grew up in London before he was radicalised .


ISIS ‘Jihadi John’ Named As Mohammed Emwazi

isThe masked Islamic State IS militant known as “Jihadi John”, who has been pictured in the videos of the beheading of Western hostages, has been named as Mohammed Emwazi.

Mohammed Emwazi, a Kuwaiti-born British man in his mid-20s from west London, He is a British computer programming graduate from a well-to-do London family.

Emwazi first appeared in a video last August, when he apparently killed the US journalist James Foley.

He was later thought to have been pictured in the videos of the beheading of US journalist Steven Sotloff, British aid worker, David Haines, British taxi driver, Alan Henning and American aid worker, Abdul-Rahman Kassig also known as Peter.

The black-clad militant brandishing a knife and speaking with an English accent was shown in videos released by Islamic State IS, apparently decapitating hostages including Americans, Britons and Syrians.

The 26-year-old militant used the videos to threaten the West, admonish its Arab allies and taunt President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron before petrified hostages cowering in orange jump suits.

Emwazi’s name was first disclosed by the Washington Post, citing unidentified former associates, but two U.S. government sources who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed to Reuters that investigators believed Jihadi John was Emwazi.

Jihadi John became a menacing symbol of Islamic State brutality and one of the world’s most wanted men.

Hostages called him John as he and other Britons in IS had been nicknamed the Beatles.

Emwazi who was born in Kuwait, came to Britain aged 6 and graduated with a computer programming degree from the University of Westminster before coming to the attention of Britain’s main domestic intelligence service, MI5

Islamic State Crisis: US Coalition Targets I.S Refineries In Syria

IsisAmateur video posted on a social media website on Wednesday (September 24) purported to show U.S.-led air strikes over the Syrian city of al Mayadin.

The video, filmed at night, shows an explosion in the distance and the audio of a male voice can be heard saying, in Arabic: “God is great. American air strikes over the city of al Mayadin”.

Reuters is unable to independently verify the content of the video which was obtained from a social media website.

At least 14 Islamic state fighters and at least 5 civilians were said to have been killed in the air strikes overnight in north-east Syria.

Meanwhile, 24 hours after the beheading of a French tourist in a style very similar to that of ISIS, France has announced that it is not intimidated in the least and would do the opposite of what the extremist group has requested, by boosting its support for Syrian opposition forces fighting ISIS.

Herve Gourdel was kidnapped while on holiday by members of a splinter group allied to Islamic state, who said in the video released online that he was being killed in response to France’s military intervention in Iraq.

Speaking on Europe 1 Radio, Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, whose brief includes internal security, said that the country would not be scared by the militants’ campaign.

“No, France is not scared because it must not be afraid. Fear is a feeling that terrorists want to instil and if fear takes hold it will be a victory of terrorists. France is not scared, and it has what it needs to deal with these abominable crimes, and will fight them.

“It (France) will see this fight through so that the values of respect, tolerance and humanity prevail over barbarism and we will lead this fight at home and abroad.”

There might still be hope for the likes of hostage, Alan Hemming , who is still believed to be alive.

In greater Manchester, about 100 people gathered to call for the release of Alan Hemming, a British aid worker held hostage in Syria.

Supporters wore t-shirts saying “free ‘gadget’ Alan Henning” – a nickname given to him because he was good at fixing things.

IS militants issued a threat to kill Henning in a video released on September 13, which showed the killing of another British man, David Haines.

A ribbon is tied for his safe release but now the UK parliament is due to vote on air strikes against IS in Iraq on Friday.

Wife Appeals To IS To Release Her Husband

Alan HenningThe wife of a British taxi driver, Alan Henning, being held hostage by Islamic State (IS) has pleaded with the militants to “see it in their hearts” to release him.

“When they hear this message I implore the people of the Islamic State to see it in their hearts to release my husband Alan Henning,” Barbara Henning said, in a statement released via the Foreign Office.

Alan, who hails from Eccles in Salford, was captured by the extremists while on an aid mission to Syria, in December 2013.

His wife Barbara said he had been driving an ambulance stocked with food and water at the time of his capture.

Following the murder of another Briton, David Haines, the militants issued a threat to kill Henning next, in a video released last week.

“I cannot see how it could assist any state’s cause to allow the world to see a man like Alan dying”, Barbara said.

“I have been trying to communicate with the Islamic State and the people holding Alan. I have sent some really important messages but they have not been responded to.

“I pray that the people holding Alan respond to my messages and contact me before it is too late.”

The militants are yet to respond to her plea.


ISIS Behead British Aid Worker, David Haines

David HainesThe Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), on Saturday, released a video in which a British aid worker, identified as David Cawthorne Haines, was beheaded.

In the video, showing 44-year-old Haines, who was seized in Syria in 2013, is seen kneeling next to his would-be murderer but before his apparent beheading, Haines gave a speech blaming British Prime Minister, David Cameron for his death.

It reads: “You entered voluntarily into a coalition with the United States against the Islamic State (ISIS), just as your predecessor Tony Blair did, following a trend amongst British Prime Ministers who can’t find the courage to say no to the Americans”.

American journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff were also murdered by ISIS in the same fashion within the last month.

In reaction, British PM, David Cameron described the murder of Haines as an “act of pure evil” and vowed to do everything possible to find the killers.

In a statement released by the Foreign Office, brother of the victim, Mike Haines said David, a father of two, “was and is loved by all his family” and that he would be “missed terribly”.