Fashola Asks Civil Servants To Vote Wisely

civil servantThe Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, met with civil servants in the state on Thursday, ahead of the 2015 general elections.

Governor Fashola told them to cast their votes wisely, in order to enjoy the dividend of democracy.

The Governor also reminded the civil servants of what he termed “experience”’ in Lagos State, which he said had been that of good partnership between the civil servants and the Executive.

The presidential elections is in less than 28 hours and all efforts are being made to ensure free, fair and credible elections.

Campaigns have ended in Nigeria, with the electoral body, the Independent National Electoral Commission on the other hand doing all it can to ensure a hitch free exercise.

Presidency Says Fashola’s Comment On Robbery Is ‘Irresponsible’

fasholaA spokesman for the Nigerian President, Dr Reuben Abati, has reacted to a statement attributed to the Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola, that the Lekki robbery succeeded, due to the presence of President Goodluck Jonathan in the state.

After a robbery incident in Lekki area of Lagos State occurred on on Friday, the Lagos State government said that policemen in the state had been deployed to the area that the president was, resulting in poor policing of some other areas.

After he made the statement, the President’s spokesman said the statement was irresponsible and should not come from a governor.

“We consider the statement attributed to Governor Fashola as grossly and utterly irresponsible.

“We expect that a man of his status, who is the Governor of a state, should speak more responsibly. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever that the entire police formation in a state would be deployed to protect the president of Nigeria,” he said.

Dr Reuben Abati emphasised that the President had ‘a defined team that protects him anywhere he goes’.

He further pointed out that “President Jonathan does not need the entire Police force to protect him in a state where he is loved by the people and where, as we have seen, he enjoys overwhelming support to the lead up of the 2015 presidential election”.

Meanwhile, the Lagos State governor, Babatunde Fashola, said that the robbery incident which happened on Thursday evening could have been averted, if enough Police officers were available.

Four persons, including three Police officers, were killed by about 6 armed robbers who stormed a bank on Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1.

The robbers escaped in a speedboat after their operation, several witnesses said.

“Perhaps what would be would have been, but it’s sad to see all our security personnel, all our security vehicles deployed to protect one man,” said Mr Fashola.

“All the vehicles we bought for the police were stationed to receive the President in Lagos. Those policemen have children and tonight their mothers will have to explain to them why daddy is not coming home,” Governor Fashola had said.

President Jonathan visited the Nigerian Stock Exchange in Lagos on Thursday, to launch a new online mobile platform, X-Gen, in order to increase global investment


Fashola Announces 83 Per Cent 2014 Budget Performance

The Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola, fasholahas announced a 83-per cent cumulative performance for the 2014 Budget.

The performance represents the accomplished Budget in the first, second, third and fourth quarters of the year which stood at 67 per cent, 106 per cent, 84 per cent and 77 per cent respectively.

Addressing a press conference at the Lagos State House, Ikeja, Governor Fashola also announced that the fourth quarter budget performance stood at 77 per cent, saying the impact of the fourth quarter performance of the budget was already visible across the State in projects such as, the completed court buildings in Epe and Ikeja.

Governor Fashola also said that other projects that benefitted from the fourth quarter budget were the solar projects in primary health institution, primary schools, progress in road works across the state such as Agiti, Isheri-Oshun bridge behind Jakande Estate which are completed.

On the priorities of his administration in its last days, Governor Fashola promised to continue to do more of what the administration have done in order to close strongly.

“As I said before, in the rain and in the sun we will continue to provide service; that is the role of government.”

Governor Fashola listed other areas of priority to include settling as many obligations as it could, “in spite of the difficult financial situation,” to contractors to accelerate and complete more on-going projects.

Fashola also declared:  “We are issuing more contracts to support small businesses. We are in procurement now for maintenance contracts for about 606 schools which are contracts that range between N2 million and N5 million for small businesses”.

He said that beneficiaries would be graduates from the State’s technical and vocational centres who have formed small companies, and members of the society who bid for the contracts as well as those who show “demonstrable capacity”.


PVC Distribution: INEC Decries Poor Response In Abuja

PVCsNational Commissioner of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Dr Chris Iyimoga, has appealed to residents of Abuja to come for their Permanent Voter Cards (PVC), before the deadline of March 8, 2015.

The former Director of FCT Council for Arts and Culture, who spoke after an inspection of some collection centres in the Federal Capital Territory, decried the low turn out of residents to collect the cards.

Some residents of Abuja had condemned the ongoing collection of the Permanent Voter Cards (PVC) in the Federal Capital Territory for what they called “inadequate awareness and sensitisation of the public”.

Some of the residents said that they got to know about the exercise when they saw people gathering at Polling Units, while a resident complained that he could not find his name on the collection list.

“The information was not well circulated, the awareness was low and I did not hear about it at all. I was on my way to work when I saw a crowd.

“I decided to check out what was happening and discovered a board has been put up with incomplete names,” he said.

However, Dr Iyimoga has stressed that only seventy-one per cent (71%) of the Permanent Voter Cards had been collected.

He urged the residents of the Federal Capital Territory and its environs to go to their Polling Units to collect their Permanent Voter Cards in order to vote the candidates of their choice in the coming general elections.

Fashola Credits Improved State Public Service To Change Of Attitude

Governor Babatunde Fashola (SAN)
Governor Babatunde Fashola

The Lagos State Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola, said on Thursday, that “Lagos is working” because of the change of attitude and dedication to work in its Public Service.

Governor Fashola made the observation at a Pens-Down ceremony held in Alausa, in honour of the retiring Head of Service, Mrs Josephine Oluseyi Williams.

Governor Fashola expressed joy that the State Public Service had removed the word “impossible” from its vocabulary, emphasising that such resolve underscored the fact that the people could change anything that did not work for them.

“Whenever Lagos residents acknowledged the State’s law enforcement agencies, the fire fighting capacity of its Fire Service or the efficiency of its Public Service delivery, I always reminded them that the personnel of the agencies were not changed “but only changed their attitude and renewed their dedication,”  he said.

Fashola maintained that with the right attitude and the appropriate dedication to work, nothing would be impossible for any institution in Nigeria.

“When I meet people outside now and they tell me that the face of the Lagos State Public Service is changing for the better, I take that compliment with a lot of inward pride even though I know that the work is not finished,” the Governor added.

This Cup Would Pass

Fashola also noted that the State’s Public Service has earned the support of the public that it serves, reiterating that earning such support was only half of the journey, as keeping it was the real deal.

He explained further that Lagos did not earn such public support by sloganeering, by pronouncing transformation or by a vision that changed every minute.

Governor Fashola, who entitled his address at the ceremony “This Cup Would Pass”, stressed that Nigeria was being forced to drink from a very bitter cup, adding that the cup would eventually pass.

“Even though we gather to celebrate and honour the Public Service, some of the things that we see now raises several questions and the difference between good and bad is becoming very difficult to tell,” he said.

The outgoing Governor also added that governance was not necessarily about building roads and bridges or about proving jobs but also about very high moral authority.

Advising those who regard the appointment of women into leadership positions as their achievement to look beyond their narrow confines, the Governor stated that “when you look at the Permanent Secretaries in Lagos State, the Magistracy, the leadership of parastatals and the Judiciary, you will see that leadership responsibility for women in Lagos is a way of life.

“So if some people think they are doing women a favour and consider it an achievement, they are living in a different world. Here, it is already a way of life.”

In her response, after signing off her personal file in the Public Service and receiving a Certificate of Service from the Governor, Mrs Williams said her choice of the public service was primarily based on the desire to fulfill a dream of touching lives and making some modest contributions to the growth and development of Nigeria.

Urging public servants to remain focused at all times and in all situations, she reminded them that the decisions they made in the course of service would go a long way in shaping the society.

Alleged Tax Evasion: Fashola Uninformed, Vindictive – Lagos PDP

Lagos-PDP-Ganiyu-TaofikThe Lagos PDP has described its observation of Governor Fashola’s alleged verbal attack on the person‎ of PDP governorship candidate, Jimi Agbaje, as unwarranted and vindictive.

In a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Taofik Gani, the party opined that the accusation made by the Governor that Agbaje defaulted paying Land Use charges exposes Fashola as uninformed because indeed Agbaje was recently officially commended by the Lagos State Government for paying up his Land Use Charge.

The party in turn accused Governor Fashola of not only stealing Lagos funds using Alpha Beta but of aiding and abetting the non payment of Taxes, Land Use Charge and any other charge on the operations of Alpha Beta, a Tax consultant firm which, according to the PDP, collects 15% commission every month of the total IGR in Lagos State.

It challenged the Governor to publish the Tax status of Alpha Beta within 24 hours as any publication after this period would be taken as after thought and arranged.

“Governor Fashola is obviously out to smear our governorship candidate, Jimi Agbaje.

“To us, we are glad to know that Fashola is not having rest with Agbaje as our candidate. This show of hostility is however unacceptable as it may overheat the polity.

“Fashola has unleashed some Lagos State Government agencies against our party and candidates in the state. He has at every recent public function directly attacked the person of Agbaje in particular.

“He has no more decorum in office as a Governor all because he is jittery, desperate and uncomfortable with the rising popularity of Agbaje.

“To accuse Agbaje of not paying Land Use Charge when the State Government even commended Agbaje for fulfilling payment exposes Fashola as either uninformed and ignorant ‎or that he is been vindictive.

“We wonder and it is laughable that Fashola can run after a purported 1.6million naira ‎where there is an actual over 10billion naira being owed by Alpha Beta, a company which many believe is owned by Tinubu and Fashola,” the Lagos PDP said.

Fashola Declares October 15 Horn Free Day In Lagos

Horn Free dayLagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, on Thursday explained the idea behind his administration’s initiative, “Horn Free Day” coming up on October 15, 2014, describing it as a step towards sensitizing residents to the harmful effects of noise pollution.

Speaking at the State’s first “Lagos Drivers’ Appreciation Day” held at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry House, Alausa, Ikeja, Governor Fashola said that the Horn Free Day was an initiative of his administration to persuade citizens that there is a better way to live than indulging in noise pollution which has been found to be harmful to their health.

Re-enforcing the remarks of the Guest Lecturer who put the harmful noise level at 70 decibels and above, the Governor said that there was need to bring this figure down significantly because according to the global standard for measuring noise, “90 decibels is rather too high and harmful to human health”.

“It is for our own good, it is for our own health, it is for our own life. It is not because Governor Fashola said so. It is not because Lagos State Government said so. It is simply because it is good for us. Doctors have told us it is for our own ultimate good”, the Governor said.

According to him, “What we see in a way that we now choose to live is that because we live in a very noisy environment, which we can really diminish, we tend to be very noisy ourselves. We speak at the top of our voices, we play music at very high decibels and we do very many things at very high levels”.

The Governor pointed out that the campaign against noise pollution was a response to the petitions and complaints of “citizens and tax payers who, on daily basis, write and petition us that somebody is preventing them from sleep either from the noise they are making or from other uncharitable activities they are carrying on without regard for the well being of their neighbours.”

He further recalled, “Occasionally, when you hear a siren you know something has gone wrong in that system; you know that either an ambulance is on its way to an emergency or firemen are on their way to a fire or policemen are tracking and chasing criminals; and I said then that why should we be different, are we not Nigerians?”

Saying that such a change should start from Lagos, Governor Fashola expressed joy that the Ministry of Transportation and all its affiliated agencies, the Drivers’ Institutes, the Transport and the Law Enforcement Institutes, have all taken the  Horn Free Day challenge up to the level of implementation.

He declared, “We are gathered here today to sensitize ourselves in preparation for the day we have chosen as a Horn Free Day; the No-Noise day or whatever you chose to call it, but let us just bring down the noise in our society. On that day we will not be gathering like this. Each one of us and all of us will be consciously doing something to start this very exciting journey in order to reduce noise in our society”.

The Governor charged the audience, “I want you to remember as we leave here today that starting from the 15th of October, whether we reduce noise or not starts from you and I. If you and I make the commitment to do something positive in order to reduce noise, clearly you and I will benefit”.

Resumption: Non Availability Of Ebola Testing Kits In Kaduna Schools

ResumptionAll public and private schools in Kaduna State on Monday resumed for another academic session in compliance with the Federal Government’s directive that schools should re-open for classes on September 22.

Although the State Government on Saturday promised to provide Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) test kits in public and private schools ahead of the September 22 resumption date, Channels TV correspondent who visited some public and private schools in the state capital reports that majority of them are yet to get the kits, only few schools got the thermometer testing kit and sanitisers.

At Government Day Secondary School Doka, in Kaduna North Local government area, two thermometers were provided for testing the temperature of returning students and teachers, while the school management said that it was yet to get the hand washing basins, sanitisers and hand gloves.

It was also a similar scenario at some other private schools visited by Channels Television.

The September 22 resumption date, as directed by the Federal Government, had generated arguments with the leadership of Nigerian Union of Teachers which demanded that government must provide all the necessary equipment on ground to ensure their safety and the students’ before they would resume for classes.

Their fear had been to avoid being infected with the Ebola virus disease. To douse this fear, the Kaduna State Government assured the teachers that 6,000 thermometers, sanitisers and hand gloves had been procured by the state Ministry of Education for onward distribution to the over 6,000 schools across the state.

However, the non availability of these testing kits in most of the schools has raised questions on the safety of the students and teachers who have already resumed for classes without being tested.

For example, at a particular school, pupils were asked to wash their hands inside a small bowl, without sanitisers. The proprietor, however, promised to get the items ready before the close of work, with other private school owners also saying they would go ahead to procure the testing kits instead of waiting endlessly for government.

While the State Government said it has spent a whooping N116 million for the purchase of the Ebola testing kits, many are asking the government to ensure that these kits reach all the schools before the second day of resumption to avoid any outbreak of the disease in the state.

Lagos Schools Resume For Academic Work On October 8

Lagos Schools

The Lagos State Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola, on Sunday announced Monday, October 8, as the new date for resumption of schools in the State for academic work.

He said that the one week extension from Monday 22 would be used to conclude the distribution of personal hygiene and other preventive materials against Ebola infection in all the schools.

Making the announcement at a meeting with teachers of public schools in the State at the LTV Blue Roof Hall, Governor Fashola said that the October 8 date was arrived at by the State Executive Council after considering the fact that the Eid-El-Fitri public holidays was already around the corner and that it would not be ideal to break the school programme again soon after resumption.

The Governor explained in an interview later, “Schools re-open tomorrow (Monday, September 22) but for the purpose of preparing the schools and tidying up loose ends and then instead of having the children resuming and then breaking up for Eid, let the Eid period run then we start full blast.

“That is what I and my colleagues have worked on all night and that is what you are likely to see across the schools going forward.”

Addressing the capacity audience of hundreds of teachers of Lagos schools, including Principals, Vice-Principals, Tutors General, Head Teachers and their deputies as well as Executive members of the State’s Chapter of the Nigerian Union of Teachers and other education stakeholders, Fashola reiterated that the Ebola Virus Disease has been contained in the State and there was no need for anyone to fear.

The Governor, who identified with the anxiety of the teachers as genuine, however, said the state has reached the point where the Government must take a decision on when to open the schools. He added, “We can compare and contrast what is the experience in other states; those experiences can only guide us, they cannot bind us.”

Earlier, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Public Health, Dr. Yewande Adeshina, had assured the teachers that the Ebola Virus Disease had been finally contained and there was no case of the disease in the state, adding that necessary preventive materials against the disease had been sent to the Education District offices for distribution to the schools.

Such materials, she said, include drums of water with taps and buckets as well as liquid soap for hand washing, hand gloves, thermo-scans, sanitizers and so on, adding that if the fear was about contacting the disease in the schools, the teachers need not to entertain such fears.

She confirmed that in the last two weeks, the Ministry of Health had engaged in training teachers from all Lagos schools to ensure that they have the right information about the disease, adding that within the period, Government officials have also been meeting with stakeholders as well as Contact Officers on Ebola in preparation for the resumption of the schools.

Assuring the teachers that those who have been trained, including the Contact Officers, know and have the information of what to do in the case of any suspected Ebola case, the Special Adviser told them, “Teachers please trust the Government that it will not want you to go back to school except that it has put necessary things in place to ensure your safety.”

The Chairman of the State Chapter of the Nigerian Union of Teachers, Adesegun Raheem, in his remarks, said that the teachers were only anxious to know when the preventive materials which Government promised would reach all the schools.

He added that the executive council of the union had scheduled a meeting to take a decision on the issue before the invitation of the Governor’s meeting came to them.

Expressing the readiness of the teachers to return to school, Mr Raheem said that even if it became necessary to shift the date in order to get the preventive materials across to all Lagos schools, the teachers would work to catch up on any lost academic time when the schools finally resume.

Lagos To Observe Horn Free Day

Horn Free DayThe Lagos State Government has concluded plans to set a date aside to be observed as a Horn Free Day every year.

The Commissioner for Transportation, Kayode Opeifa, made this known in his Alausa office on Friday.

The Commissioner said that the observance of the Horn Free Day is expected to reduce noise pollution from the use of the horn, improve road courtesy, improve lane discipline and draw motorists’ attention to the importance of road discipline and mutual respect for other road users.

He said that Governor Fashola has challenged road users in Lagos State to observe a Horn Free Day, which is designed to complement the on-going efforts by the Lagos State Government in the provision and upgrading of traffic infrastructure across the State.

The activities lined up towards the Horn Free Day, which is slated for Wednesday October 15, 2014, would involve active engagement of radio and television stations in generating discussions challenging road users to observe a Horn Free Day.

It would also include endorsement by relevant stakeholders, as well as ember months campaign by the Vehicle Inspection Service to advocate, educate and enlighten road users on road safety.

The Law Enforcement Training Institute (LETI) would also be embarking on a community outreach programme which involves market and motor park engagements that will provide an avenue for discussion of the Horn Free Day and the engagement of Traffic Safety Ambassadors to partner with the Ministry of Transportation to support the successful observation of the Horn Free Day.

Opeifa urged all motorists, Lagosians and the general public to support the State Government by observing and adhering to the Horn Free Day exercise.

Tree Planting Exercise Is Aimed At Protecting The Environment- Fashola

Gov-FasholaLagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) on Monday presided over the Sixth Tree Planting Campaign in the State saying his administration has institutionalized the Greening and Beautification policy which began in 2008 in order to ensure the maintenance of the environment on a sustainable basis.

Governor Fashola, who spoke during the 2014 Tree Planting Campaign at the Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie road in Sangotedo area of Eti-Osa East Local Council Development Area of the State, said Government has created a statutory agency called the Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK), to maintain and sustain the various parks, gardens and trees now dotting the landscape across the State.

Addressing stakeholders including members of the State Executive Council, Traditional Rulers and Community leaders as well as environmentalists and citizens of the area, the Governor said the annual ceremony speaks eloquently to the consistency of his administration in formulating policies and staying with them.

“This is the 6th consecutive year that we have commemorated this event since I declared in 2008 that July 14 will be our State’s Tree Planting Day. All over the world today, wherever you go, you will observe that cities and countries are embarking on massive tree planting and greening programmes”, the Governor said.

Calling on all people and governments “who are serious” to “stop pretending and take action”, Fashola declared that “It is a serious matter that underpins our survival on this planet because the threat of global warming and climate change is now undebatable”, quoting the former Vice President of the United States Al Gore, who described it as “ an inconvenient truth”.

The Governor expressed joy that he is heading “a Government that first took very clear and positive action in Nigeria to protect the environment and create parks, gardens and also plant millions of trees” pointing out that “all over the State, wherever one goes, one would now see scores of parks, gardens and millions of trees in different stages of development”.

On the economic impact of the Greening, Beautification and Tree Planting programme, Fashola said it has created jobs for over 69,000 people across the State who now run small businesses and mainly sole enterprises adding that in five years of the programme (2008-2013), 28,094 jobs were created from the annual tree planting alone, while between January and June 2014, 3,180   jobs were created.

“These came from maintenance of nurseries, to supply of seedlings, planting the trees, maintaining them daily for which people are paid and the provision of tools, which are supplied to do the works”, the Governor said adding  the programme also provided jobs for tanker drivers who supply water to tree planters.

Pointing out that the people involved are ordinary people, Fashola declared, “For them this initiative has become a life saver, a source of dignity that helps them say every morning to their families, “I am going to work”.

According to him, those who benefitted from the over 69,000 jobs in landscaping, development and maintenance of parks and gardens include Direct labour horticulturists (51), major contractors (10), plumbers (sprinklers, water pumps) (5,000), Electricians (Lighting parks, maintaining fittings) (6,256) and Gardeners        (15,640).

Others include bricklayers (12,512) Painters (2,496), Welders (14,686), Labourers (for site clearing) (2,500), Consultants (3), Security men (2,176), Graphic Artists (Signs) (15) and  Sculptors (10) excluding suppliers of trimmers, lawn mowers, blades, uniforms, books and other equipment.

According to the visibly elated Governor, “I feel vindicated by the result of this far sighted initiative for many reasons. First, it is consistent with goal number 7 of the Millennium Development Goal and our Party’s commitment to sustainable environmental development. Secondly, we have turned an environmental challenge into a massive economic opportunity. Thirdly and perhaps very defining, I feel vindicated by our opponent’s flip flop, lies and shameful inconsistency”.

He however advised that,“For the people of Lagos, for our employees, artisans and economic beneficiaries of this policy, this is the last Tree Planting Day that I will address as your Governor. Our Government and our Party remains committed to continuing it. But you know what our opponents think about it. So ,if you value the jobs and economic benefit it has brought to you, you must vote to keep it, you must defend your livelihood with your votes”, Fashola said.

Fashola Advices Lawyers To Restrict Themselves To Area Of Specialization

Gov-FasholaLagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) has charged law officers in Nigeria to restrict themselves to their areas of specialization when accepting briefs from clients in order to minimize delays in discharging cases at the courts.

Governor Fashola who was speaking at a one-day Law Conference held at the City Hall in Lagos, said the major reason there are delays in court processes in the nation’s courts was the issue of those he described as ‘non- trial lawyers’ accepting cases and going to court to handle such cases, adding that the result of such situations was unnecessary adjournments.

Fashola compared the situation with what obtains in other professions, arguing that just as in the medical profession where a practitioner who is not a surgeon cannot go into the theatre, a non-trial lawyer would only be a nuisance in a trial court as he would be lost before a trial judge.

“How many of us really are trial lawyers and how many of us admit that they are not trial lawyers and still go to court? Because it is not every medical practitioner that is a surgeon, so some of those clear distinctions must be made”, the Governor said, charging participants at the on-going conference to “at least ventilate if not resolve the issue”.

Commenting on the argument that solicitors should be separated from barristers, Fashola noted that, “these are some of the hard pills we may have to swallow”, adding that the distinction has been made a long time ago in the judicial system of the United Kingdom.

He maintained that a trial lawyer who comes to court knows the environment, what the rules are and how the system operates adding that just as a non-surgeon would be fumbling around in the theatre until the patient may die, a non-trial lawyer would continue to fumble and delay justice.

“And that is a serious undertaking that we are dealing with – human lives, peoples’ fortunes and we could do with some real professionalism in the country so that you don’t have practitioners in the courts who are fishing for an answer”, the Governor said.

Citing some of the actions of non-trial lawyers that cause delay in court, Fashola said, “They will deny every plea you claim; they will deny even the name of the plaintiff. What happens is that the plaintiff will now be first put on trial to prove that he is who he is and all these take time. It is only when the issues are in control of professionals that you could have a real trial’, adding, “It is the lack of experience because they don’t know what to do; it is not their area of specialization”.

He also advised lawyers to debunk the concept that they must win every case they handle in court pointing out that a lawyer should restrict himself to getting justice for his client  according to the rule of law adding that if lawyers understand this and put it into practice it would narrow down the issues in court.

“The concept that lawyers must win a case is a concept that must go out of the window. Lawyers are trained and paid to help their clients get justice according to the law and not to win cases. If trial lawyers understand this and put to practice what we will achieve first is the narrowing of the issues”. Governor Fashola said

He urged Judges to insist on trial lawyers narrowing down the issues in court to avoid unnecessary waste of time.

Governor Fashola also advised lawyers to restrain their clients from going to court, when it is possible, adding that giving their clients honest advices on whether or not to go to court would, in addition to reducing unnecessary litigations in court and putting pressure on judges, earn the confidence of clients for the law officer as it would save money that would have been spent on a fruitless pursuit.

He agreed with the suggestion that law officers must be made to pay for wasting the time of the court on any case arguing that the right to be heard does not mean the right to be a nuisance.

“I agree that we must make some serious evaluation in the matter of cost and you cannot do that without some modification of the rules. Perhaps part of the modification is to see the roles that we the operators of the rules play as lawyers and judges and other members of the judicial system”, he said.

Governor, who highlighted other factor that could cause delay in court processes such as lack of adequate infrastructure including Power supply, said the Lagos State Government  has done a lot in the last 14 years to correct the anomaly adding that the administration has built courtrooms and upgraded the magistracy as well as supplied Power through its Independent Power Project.

Fashola who commended the ministry of Justice for the conference said his administration undertook to increase the jurisdiction of the magistracy and expand it in order some relief to the High Courts because there were cases that were piling up in the high courts that could to provide be dealt with at the magistracy level adding that it was done to complement the high court reforms that were made during the tenure of Professor Yomi Oshibanjo as the State’s Chief law Officer.