BBN: There’s A Lot Of Pressure On ‘Tolex’ But We’re Just Friends – Tobi



Second Runner Up of the recently concluded Big Brother Naija Season 3, Tobi Bakre has shed more light on his relationship status with co-housemate and 3rd runner-up, Alex Asogwa.

In a chat on Sunday with Rubbin Minds on Channels Television, the former housemate in the ‘Double Wahala’ season explained that while there’s been a lot of pressure on both, they have chosen to remain just friends.

The pair ‘Tolex’, who grew much closer towards the end of the reality show, have drawn so much attention to themselves even as their friendship appears to have waxed stronger outside of the house.

Tobi, however, maintained that although they both like each other a lot, they’ve decided to focus on achieving other dreams and taking advantage of the opportunities that come their way for now.

There’s No Love When My Bank Account Isn’t Smiling

“People have put pressure on Tolex, we are friends. Getting to know her more, I find her interesting, I think we like each other but then in the outside world it’s a different ball game.

“Of course that friendship is going to remain but at the same time, now we are open to a whole new world, new opportunities, we have to hustle, me personally,
there’s no love when my bank account is not smiling, my emotions are zero when I’m not yet where I want to be in life so for me, already have a lot of things I want to focus on and there are still a lot of people you’ll get to meet in your circle so you really don’t want to put that pressure on yourself, you can’t put all your eggs in that basket,” he said.

Also for Alex, Tobi believes there’s still so much for her to accomplish and even a lot more work to do in achieving her dreams because according to him, “she’s like a white canvass” and “any form of relationship that is not friendship will just be two of us holding each other back from a lot we can accomplish.

“As friends, I’ll be there for her, anyway she needs me, I’ll be there but when it comes to a relationship, that’s not the goal right now, he stated.

As regards other dreams he hopes to pursue, he said first on his list is photography which according to him, he is very passionate about.

He says in about a month or two, he would be having an exhibition that would enable him to showcase some of his work as well as that of other photographers as he believes the Photography industry in Nigeria is under-appreciated.

The former housemate who resigned from his banking job before the competition said asides acting and events hosting, he might also consider other creative aspects of banking in the future.

I Got The Beating Of My Life After My First Performance – Jide Kosoko

Actor, Jide Kosoko

Veteran Actor, Jide Kosoko has said starting up entertainment as a child actor was a herculean task as he had to combat with his parent’s approval.

Speaking on Channels Television, Rubbin’ Minds, Kosoko said both his father and mother didn’t approve his sojourn into the entertainment scene as a child and his mother even flogged him bitterly after she saw his first performance.

“Back then, no parent wanted their child to come into this (Entertainment Industry). Especially my father will tell me, “Jide you are a royal Prince of Lagos, you should not be entertaining people, in fact, people should be entertaining you.

“My mother was a bit on the aggressive side, she doesn’t take it easy with me at all but I was able to maneuver.”

He narrated how he successfully auditioned for a role as a child actor without informing his parents. Kosoko said he felt like a hero when he got back to his neighborhood after his first performance but his mother flogged him on that day.

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“One of our tenants, Dele Toyinbo, I never know he was a member of a traveling theater group. When I eventually knew, I invited him to my primary school where he taught us some things on our entertainment day.

“So, when they wanted to have a production in their group, titled Makanjuola, he thought of me as the lead child character that they needed. So, I went there and I was picked after the audition. This was like a dream come true. I hid all the information from my parents to ensure I meet up with the programme.

“So after the transmission of the programme and I returned home, people started hailing me. I never knew they all watched me. After I dropped at the bus stop they started hailing me and I felt like a hero.

“I never knew my mother also watched it and laid an ambush for me. So when I got home, I got the best beating of my life that day. But to God be the glory, I continued to convince them that I will try as much as possible not to let it affect my academics.

The veteran actor said that fame in the entertainment industry is easy to attain but only a well-trained actor can remain relevant for a long time.

“What I continue to tell people now is that you need to be trained. Getting popularity may come as luck sometimes but the truth is that if you are not trained, you may fall.”

When asked to express his opinion about the country on the 57th Independence Day celebration, in comparison to the situation of things in October 1st, 1960, he said, “Development continues, no doubt about that, but then, we had more peace. We cannot really compare because of the population of Nigeria, back then. There has been a tremendous change, both positive and negative.

“I continue to be a very happy Nigerian. We are intelligent by all standards. We are smart, although we are not using it for the development of the country. But then, I am happy to belong to the most populous country in Africa.”


I Am Attention Walking On The Street, Charly Boy Says

Charly Boy Oputa
Charly Boy Oputa says he has managed to remain in the scene even at abover 60 years

A Nigerian singer, songwriter, television presenter, publisher, producer, one of Nigeria’s most controversial entertainers and a onetime president of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, Charly Boy Oputa (Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa) has described himself as “attention walking on the street”.

On a Channels Television’s programme, Rubbin’ Minds, on Sunday Charly Boy told Ebuka that he had no intention to let people forget him.

“Most of the things that you read are all engineered by me. If I don’t do that, you will soon forget me and I intend not to be forgotten.

“I don’t look at them as unconventional. The people out there do that. For me, it is a very normal thing and because I understand your mind-set… take for instance my rings they are just rings to me but a lot of people will read a lot of meaning into it.

“I just paint all this pictures and you can make what you like of it.

“I play it up because people are busy eating it up,” he said.

On a leaked photograph of another entertainer, dancer and television presenter, Denrele Edun and himself kissing, he said it was leaked with Denrele’s consent.

He further said it was leaked by his people on purpose but did not say if he gave them a go ahead to leak the image.

“Sometimes you can agree to something, but when the heat comes up, whether you can take it or nor is a different matter,” he said.

On current political situation in Nigeria, Charly Boy said: “I am going ahead to give hope to young people not to despair

“This government is all about fighting corruption. We have been surviving on corruption money for the past 50 years. A lot has happened and a lot has gone bad and it is not something that could be fixed in a year or two.

“What I am not sure of is if he has the right kind cabinet to solve our problem. People that are dedicated.

“I have met a few people and the Petroleum Minister is one of them.

“We have been seeing queues for many years and this is not the first time and it is not going to happen in one year.

“He is a perfect gentleman who always meant what he says and says what he means. For me that is a good take away.

“If Fashola is allowed to do his work and if they stop all these petty tribal politics that is going on, he will do well”.

The entertainer also praised his father for his upbringing, saying that the principles he grew up with had made me who he was.

I Don’t Know Tiwa Savage Personally – Seyi Shay

Seyi ShayNigerian songwriter and record producer, Oluwaseyi Joshua, popularly known by her stage name, Seyi Shay, says she does not really know Tiwa Savage.

Responding to a question about her relationship with the Mavin Records queen on Channels Television, Seyi Shay said “I don’t really know her”.

She acknowledged that she had met Tiwa Savage before, but told Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on Rubbin’ Minds that she does not really know her personally.

“I do not have many friends in the music industry (and) then my colleagues, we say hello, we say goodbye and then we invite each other to different things and functions happening,” she said.

Jonathan’s Declaration: Time For Everybody To Find His Level – Macebong

JonathanSocial Commentator, Joachim Macebong, believes that time is running out for politicians who are still making decisions about their political affiliations as the 2015 elections draw closer.

Speaking on Channels Television during a conversation on Rubbin’ Minds, Macebong noted that President Jonathan’s expected declaration of his ambition to run for a second term makes it important for politicians to declare where they belong.

He explained that this position has been validated with the decision of some ministers to leave the cabinet and the recent defection of governors to the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Macebong also noted that the former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, seems to be the most likely choice for the APC to challenge President Jonathan because of the consistency of his political affiliation unlike Atiku who has switched between different parties in recent times.

He said that the consistency of General Buhari is rare in the Nigerian politics and this puts him ahead of former Vice-President, Abubakar Atiku and other aspirants, despite Atiku’s media presence and articulate manifesto.

On the chances of Vice-President Namadi Sambo being retained as the running mate for President Jonathan, Macebong said that the likely emergence of a northerner in the stature of General Buhari from the APC, has reduced his chances of being retained.

He believes that the PDP would need a northerner who has the ability to win northern votes and more influential northerners have been mentioned.

“The Northern votes is the reason why Sambo could be expendable (as) Buhari will win across much of the North, if you add also the APC structure behind him.

“He (Jonathan) needs to reduce those margins as much as possible and as a result he may need a stronger northern candidate.”

The seeming popularity of the APC in the South-South, owing to the crowd that thronged the rally held by Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, was also seen as a pointer to the need for the People’s Democratic Party to make careful decisions ahead of the polls.

Macebong also noted that it would be good for Nigeria if there are not many people vying for the Presidency of Nigeria.

With the APC and PDP being the only parties in the race, he explained that a two-party system would present quality candidates and also help Nigerians to make better informed decisions at the polls.


Buhari Is Too Old To Rule Nigeria – Blogger

Bukola_OgunyemiA blogger, Bukola Ogunyemi, on Sunday wrote off the chances of a presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd) to add value to Nigeria as president of the country.

“I think he is a bit too old, I think his time has passed and he is of more use to Nigeria and Nigerians out of the presidency”, he said on Rubbin Minds.

Ogunyemi also described retired General Buhari’s declaration to run for the presidency in 2015 as “the worst kept secret in Nigeria’s political sphere”.

He however noted that Buhari’s candidacy may interest Nigerians if “he is teaming up with Governor Kayode Fayemi”, adding that “that will be a game changer. I think Nigeria needs someone like Fayemi”.

He further noted that Buhari “doesn’t have that vibrancy and is not in tune with what is happening in Nigeria”.

He also added that the Katsina born retired military man cum politician has not provided any reason different from what he has always provided in his last three attempts to serve Nigeria.

“I read his speech saying he intends to run for one last time and I was looking to hear one major reason he is presenting himself for the fourth time to serve Nigeria in that capacity and I still cant find it”, he said

The blogger maintained that Buhari’s declaration will test the internal democracy mechanism of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

NYSC Says Online Registration Is To Reduce Cost, Risk For Corp Members

NYSCThe Director of Mobilization, for the National Youth Service Corp, NYSC, Mr Anthony Ani, believes that the decision of the NYSC to introduce online registration and delivery of Call Up letters for prospective corp members had been misinterpreted.

Mr Ani was a guest on Channels Television’s youth conversation programme, Rubbin Minds on Sunday.

He explained that the need to reduce the stress and risk of making prospective corp members travel to their schools to collect their call-up letters informed the introduction of the digital process of registration.

Taking show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, through the old process of mobilization, Mr Ani explained that the new online system would totally eradicate the process whereby graduates have had to go back to their schools to collect call-up letters and also get to the orientation camp to continue another process of registration.

He debunked the view that the 4,000 Naira fee being charged the corpers is for the call-up letters or that they were being charged to serve their country.

The online mobilization fee of 4,000 naira, according to him “is for the entire hardware and software that has been provided” explaining that the NYSC had gone into a public-private partnership agreement to achieve the new system and the entire project went through due process.

He, however, explained that for those who still consider the N4,000 to be a rip-off, they would still have the old system in place, whereby they can choose to travel back to their schools to pick up call-up letters and also get to the orientation camps to continue the usually long process of signing different documents.

He added that those who find the new online system that enables them register and fill all the forms via the web and have their call-up letters downloaded in the comfort of their homes before travel directly to their camps without hassles can embrace the new system.

Reminding the prospective corp members that Government has never been responsible for their transport fare back to school and the cost of other activities involved in their old mobilisation processes, he stated that the fee of 4,000 for the service provided in the online platform should be seen as a dynamic innovation by the “proactive” NYSC management.

He revealed that while some have been of the view that they were being ripped off, more than 8,000 incoming corpers for the 2014 Batch C have already gone on the online platform with a little over 4,000 of them having already paid the fee of 4,000 Naira.

On the core values of the National Youth Service Corp, he said that it would remain social service rather the clamour for a militarised Youth Service, as he believes that the level of insecurity and the proliferation of small arms in the country makes exposing young people to military activities a risky venture.

He also decried the kinds of jobs given to corp members when posted to different organisations. He urged corporate organisations and public institutions to realise that the corpers are graduates who should be given challenging jobs and not “turned into tea boys”.

Being Married Has Helped Me In So Many Ways – Omoni Oboli

Omoni OboliNigerian actress, Omoni Oboli, says that contrary to usual beliefs that ladies are asked for sex for roles in Nollywood, she had never been approached with such demands.

She said this on Rubbin Minds on Channels Television, in response to a question on whether being married has limited her roles in the industry.

I’m not sure if it has. I think it has probably helped in so many ways because I hear a lot of girls say ‘some guy is asking me to sleep with them for a role or whatever’; I don’t get that.

“I don’t know if its because I’m married or the fact that they just respect me, but I really don’t get that. I am thinking perhaps in a good way that has helped me. They know not to bring it up.”

She would not deny the existence of the issue in the industry but noted that she had never reall y seen people own up to it.

She, however, noted that sexual harassment is not peculiar to the movie industry as “doctors want to sleep with nurses everyday”, an indication that almost every industry has the same challenge.

The media has been seen to be responsible for blowing up controversies around the issue of sexual harassment in Nollywood and she noted that this was because people involved are in the limelight.

On how her husband handles all of these, she said; “He’s fine. He is what I call a modern day man. He understands that this is my job, this is what I do and you’ve got to take the good and the bad.”

Omoni also spoke about the challenges in the Nigerian movie industry, admitting that indeed the standards could be better especially in scripts and production quality.

Citing the usual complaints about the sound quality of their movies, she highlighted the situation whereby they have had to shoot with power generators for most productions as one of the major factors responsible for this.

Omoni Oboli also denied rumours that she had “beef” with fellow actress, Genevieve Nnaji. She explained how the controversy started off an interview granted by a movie director she had worked with and who decided to proclaim her as the best in Nigeria based on their working relationship.Omoni Oboli

She put the blame for the rumours on the tabloids, as she had no idea how the media created an assumption that there was competition and started the comparison of the two actresses.

Omoni once had her close shave with a scandal when she was spotted at an event – a presidential screening of a movie – with a dress considered to have shown a lot of skin.

This generated massive media backlash as many considered the appearance to have contradicted her usual homely image.

She noted that she bought the dress in company of her husband while on holiday abroad and they both did not find anything wrong about it but the outfit was exaggerated by the angle from which the photograph which circulated in the media was taken.

She admitted that if she knew how much controversies her innocent decision to look good for a red carpet event would have caused she might not have worn the dress. Although she also registered her suspicion that the “so much talk” was fanned by certain people who had sinister motives against her.

Her current movie, Being Mrs Eliot, has been in the cinema and she wants all Nigerians to go to the cinemas to see the movie and help develop the industry with their comments and patronage.

Omoni Oboli, who studied Foreign Languages and speaks fluent French, also revealed that she has an ongoing project with the French Embassy in Nigeria to produce a bilingual movie.

I Am The Craziest Musician In Nigeria- Terry G

Ace music producer and musician, Terry G on Sunday said he likes courting controversy to keep him relevant in the new and conventional media.

Displaying two controversial school bells on Rubbin Minds, the Apako master said “controversy sells” and highlighted the fact that he is an “industry where most people form or act up this controversy of a thing.

He however noted that due to man’s nature to make mistakes, his controversial moments are as a result of his mistakes and “brings me loud to people’s mouths too, because apart fro your music, you should be in people’s tongues; every week you should be in the papers” whether for the bad or good reason.

Terry G who reiterated the fact that he is “an entertainer and the craziest musician in the country”, urged people not to “get it twisted” as they will find out “over time that this is is an act”.

Terry G also buys into the saying that change is constant,said he continues to be relevant in the music industry because he follows the market urging Nigerians not to be surprised if he comes up with slow and ‘uncrazy’ songs in the future like his newly released Sexy Lady.

Emerging Leaders Conference Will Inspire Young Nigerians – Okorie

Linus_Okorie_GOTINThe founder of Guardians of the Nation International (GOTNI) and the organiser of the Emerging Leaders Conference, Linus Okorie, says the conference will inspire young people from Nigeria and the diaspora to develop needed leadership skills.

The conference which hold between August 29 and 30 in Abuja, will afford participants the opportunity to discuss leadership and enable them chart a course on how they can change Nigeria’s future.

According to Mr Okorie, the conference is a leadership development system that will build a huge network of young people from all over the country who are doing great things.

“We will adopt a peer review mechanism, where a young person from Ekiti may think that he is doing something great but at the conference he would see someone that is doing four times better and it will inspire them to think Nigeria and act Nigeria

“GOTNI has been asking Nigeria, for the past 18 years, to give young people an opportunity to grow in leadership content which will enable them define and redefine the future of our country

“So I am asking young leaders to come together so that we can redefine this country and set this country on a part of gold,” he stressed.

Mr Okorie pointed out that nobody would give any young person a place to make progress, except the young persons, on their own, developed themselves, with each person finding a field or a part that he could deepen to become the best in that field.

“The young people have to develop their leadership skill in order to know how to manage other people and themselves. Lack of leadership skill is contributing to the inability of most successful young people to carry on for a long time.Emerging_Leaders_Conference_discussion

“It is high time we started the habit of teaching young people that they must keep learning and build a learning system around them,” he said, explaining that it is a huge network that GOTIN intends to create.

Over 15 outstanding successful speakers will be attending the conference that has the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Channels Television, John Momoh, British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Group Managing director of Heritage Bank, the Minister of Power, the Miniter of Agriculture, Minister for State for FCT and Managing director of Arik Air, as some of the speakers.

Interested participants are required to send a text and their profile to 08033512469.

“We want people who believe that Nigeria can still count despite the problems at the moment. Learning is the next way to the future,” he said, stressing the need for young people to prepare their minds before they assume leadership positions.

Mount Kilimanjaro Welcomes ‘Climb For Down Syndrome’

Down SyndromeThe Down Syndrome Foundation, Nigeria has called on Nigerians to pay more attention to those living with the Down Syndrome.

The call was made by the Foundation’s Programmes Director, Amaka Obidi, on Sunday, during Channels Television’s Rubbin Minds where she spoke about the condition and the several efforts of the foundation to support its victims.

The Foundation’s focus has been on providing medical, educational and social support for the children suffering from the condition and also parents who have to cater to their kids in the same condition.

Explaining the condition, Ms Obidi noted that anyone could be at risk of giving birth to children with the Down Syndrome, contrary to the belief that women who give birth at old age are the ones at risk. She added that there had been many cases of it involving young mothers.

On the back of this, she emphasized the need for their to be more awareness among Nigerians about the irreversible condition and how to manage it.

The ‘Save a Life Project’ is one of the initiatives of the foundation, in association with doctors in Nigeria and India. It focuses on helping children with Down Syndrome to get treatment on heart related challenges as they stand a high risk of heart failure.

A Strategy Consultant, Micheal Oloruniwo, who has been part of the foundation to help raise awareness, was also part of the conversation, and he provided more insight into the ways in which the lives of people with Down Syndrome can be improved.

He stated that those who have the condition can also live a wholesome normal life, as long as their friends and families can understand that all they need is special care and support.

According to Oloruniwo, the Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania would be playing host to several people from different parts of the world, who would be aiming to reach the summit of Africa’s highest mountain, starting on Monday, August 18.

Climb For Down Syndrome, as the exercise has been named, is a unique idea created to further raise awareness for the foundation’s target of raising 10million Naira to support its cause.

The group is not unaware of the issue of trust among Nigerians as regards raising funds and Mr Oloruniwo said that their way of ensuring that this is not an issue was to get credible persons and international organisations involved in their programmes.

Ms Obidi added that the need for transparency and accountability has been well thought of, and this informed their culture of using open approaches in their programmes.

The Climb For Down Syndrome, which is expected to take six days, according to Olorunibe, would not be too straineous.

On the issue of support from Government, Ms Obidi noted that while the Lagos State Government has been supportive of the Down Syndrome Foundation and children generally with its implementation of the Child Rights Act, the Federal Government was yet to show interest in helping the category of children.

She revealed that the foundation was in need of its permanent site to accommodate more children, scholarships to help develop the kids’ abilities, as well as policies that would provide an enabling environment for the Down Syndrome kids to live normal lives and be well integrated in the society.

The group is also urging more Nigerians to volunteer their support in the form of service and funding, as they need to increase capacity to accommodate more families who are seeking help for their wards.

Down syndrome (DS) or Down’s syndrome, also known as trisomy 21, is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21. It is typically associated with physical growth delays, characteristic facial features, and mild to moderate intellectual disability. The average IQ of a young adult with Down syndrome is 50, equivalent to the mental age of an 8- or 9-year-old child, but this varies widely.

I see Nothing Wrong In Wearing “Swimming Outfit”

Moet Abebe
I see Nothing Wrong In Wearing Swimming Outfit

Popular Souncity VJ, Moet Abebe, has said there is nothing wrong in wearing swimming outfit.

Appearing as a guest on Rubbin’ Minds on Channels Television, Moet explains that she sees nothing wrong in wearing swimming outfit, which she feels should not draw unnecessary attention.

Moet, who denied claims of having a sex tape, also said that she did not know how the rumour started and was very surprised to have heard such.

She differentiates herself from other VJ’s saying, she  is always willing to learn from mistakes and acknowledge that she was wrong.

As a daughter of a business mogul, John Abebe, Moet says she was raised like every normal child and has had a fair share of difficult times.

She also explained that the tattoos on her body all have a story to tell on experiences she has had at one point or the other.

She is presently working on movies which she features in and will love to take take both careers as an actress and VJ together.