Public Analyst Believes Government Is In Control Of Ebola

Buchi MaduNigerians still have reasons to be calm irrespective of the negative incidents happening in the country.

A public sector consultant, Buchi Madu, believes so and that much he said during a conversation on Channels Television’s Rubbin’ Minds.

The outbreak of the Ebola virus on the West African region and its entry into Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, through a flight form Liberia, had caused panic in recent weeks, but Mr Madu believes that the Nigerian Government has shown its capability to handle the situation.

He noted that the Government, having shown that it was in control, must have earned the trust of the people and therefore they (people) would follow instructions given out.

He, therefore, urged the Government to do more in making information about the virus available to the public.

Nigerian athletes’ performances at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow also came to the fore and Madu expressed joy that the country has been able to record some successes especially with the record breaking double gold medal by sprinter, Blessing Okagbare.

Although the ban on female weightlifter, Chika Amalaha, who failed a dope test, was a downside for the country’s representation at the games, Madu said that this would do little to rob Nigeria of its glory, as the country had always been well rated in sports.

He declined speaking further on issues surrounding Amalaha’s ban and the eventual withdrawal of her earlier won Gold medal, since it was still an evolving case.

Mr Madu, however, said that the issue of terrorism could not be overlooked as it had taken a more alarming dimension with the introduction of female suicide bombers in recent attacks.

Referring to it as “a culture that is very alien to Nigerians”, he said, that while “the Government was doing its best, albeit late in the game”, Nigerians need to “untangle the underlining issue of Islamic fundamentalism from politics and all of the noise around it.”

He explained that there was a faction of extremists, who have an agenda and were determined to achieve it. He added, also, that there had been power play between the North and South and he thinks the politicians have played major roles in it as the crisis could be a tool for disgruntled politicians to unsettle the country’s leadership.

Insurgency: Nigerians Must Help Internally Displaced Persons – Experts

Gift Basket1The security situation in Nigeria, especially in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states came to the fore on the Sunday July 13 edition of Rubbin’ Minds on Channels Television.

The three states have been under a State of Emergency for over a year having been extended by the Nigerian Government. However, something many do not know is that Nigeria has been rated to have the highest number of internally displaced persons (IDP) in Africa with a figure of 3.3million.

A report by the Internal Displaced Monitoring Centre (IDMC) and the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), “Global Overview 2014: people internally displaced by conflict and violence,”  stated that the number of internally displaced persons in Nigeria is approximately a third of the IDPs in Africa and 10 per cent of IDPs in the world.

In 2013 alone, 470,500 persons were displaced in Nigeria and this is the third highest in the world, behind Syria with 6.5 million and Colombia with 5.7 million.

The Executive Director, Action to Yield Aid for Hopeful Adults and the Young (AYAHAY), Mariam Augie, and a Security Expert, Nnamdi Anekwe, were on the programme to discuss issues surrounding this and efforts at offering support.

Ms Augie noted that the issue of displaced persons was very new to Nigerians because reports have always mainly focused on attacks and the number of deaths but not the people suffering from the aftermath of such violence.

She noted that while there were 3.3 million Nigerians directly affected by the insurgency, another 9 million were indirectly affected, a situation which called for the efforts of everyone to help those affected and shift attention to those who survived the attacks, as Government agencies alone cannot handle it.

Speaking about the current efforts being made to cater to the refugee victims of the insurgency in Nigeria, she stated that the notable help coming for the displaced persons has been in form of the accommodating nature of Nigerians with communities helping to provide shelter as there were no camps created but noted that there is a limit to how far this would help.

Mr Anekwe, also added that some individuals and leaders in Adamawa State have been setting up initiatives to come to the aid of the displaced persons. He, however, advised that it was important for camps and alternative accommodations to be provided.

Although Ms Augie shared the view that host communities may have been so far preferred over camps by authorities because of security reasons, she agreed with Anekwe and warned that if the situation got worse, the country would have no choice.Gift Basket

“From eating 3 square meals a day to one square meal a day, 500 people to one toilet, no water, sanitation, health facilities are almost obsolete, so we know that it’s a really terrible situation”, she said, as she decried the living conditions of victims of insurgency in the affected region.

Mr Anekwe also spoke about the implications of having such number of displaced persons on the country. He highlighted the level of sophistication of the insurgents and noted that fighting them should not be left alone to the Government.

Both guests also warned against allowing the bombings and other attacks to continue with children growing up with the idea of violence on their minds, as this would be more detrimental to the future of the country.

Ms Augie also provided an insight into the activities of her organisation, which is made up of individuals who fearlessly came together to design a plan on how to help the victims of insurgency in North-East Nigeria.

She explained that they started out by contacting agencies like the Red Cross and the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to know what their needs were, as the mission of the AYAHAY was to complement Government efforts and the international organisations that were already helping out, as they also believed that the international community should not be left to fight Nigerians’ battles.

“From mattresses to mosquito nets to grains, insecticides, female kits and anything within your reach, anything it is that you can give, we will appreciate it”, she said.


Keshi Is A Man Manager Not A Technical Coach – Akatugba

Oma Akatugba RMTwo Nigerian Sport Analysts, Jannie Anthony and Oma Akatugba have referred to the Nigerian Super Eagles as a team that still needs major improvements despite their hard fought win against Bosnia Herzegovina in the ongoing World Cup.

Both were guests of Rubbin’ Minds on Channels Television on Sunday, less than 24hours after the team’s match against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Oma Akatugba admitted that he had criticized the Eagles after their draw against Iran, which he thought was a shambolic performance but after seeing the Argentine game against the same Iranians, he had to apologise for being initially critical as it was obvious that the Iranians were never easy opponents.

He highlighted the mentality of the Iranian team as being one targeted at frustrating their opponents, as seen in the manner their fans celebrated after their game with Argentina, despite losing the game.

Nigeria came back from an opening draw to get a hard fought win against Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a lone goal scored by former Eagles’ outcast, Osaze Odemwingie. While Miss Anthony commended the team for doing well and lauding Keshi for “getting his tactics spot on”, Akatugba stated that although the result could be celebrated, Nigeria did not win because they played fantastic football.

He argued that he did not see any tactical direction from the Super Eagles Coach, as the difference in the team’s performance was down to the changes in personnel, especially with the inclusion of Odemwingie in the starting line-up.

He also admitted that the duo of Michael Babatunde and Juwon Oshaniwa whom he thought were Keshi’s “personal projects” also put in outstanding performances which seemed to have justified their inclusion in the squad.

On the non-inclusion of Victor Moses in the squad that faced Bosnia, Akatugba said that this had no effect on how the team played and the victory secured. He stated, “If Victor Moses had played we would still have won. We didn’t win because Moses didn’t play, we won because the referee disallowed Bosnia’s one goal. That goal was clean, with due respect to my fellow Nigerians.”

Anthony was less critical of the team but agreed with Akatugba that Stephen Keshi was indeed more of a man manager than a technical manager, with the pretty enthusiast emphasizing the need to accept this as a value that has worked positively for the team and has also been the reason they succeeded on the African continent.

Akatugba also identified the coach’s approach in training, commending him especially for coming to the level of the players as it was reported that he communicates with the players in Pidgin English. He also lauded him for being able to build the team into a stronger unit; a virtue which he said had indeed been one of the major secrets behind the team’s recent successes.

In analysing the match against Bosnia and Herzegovina, the analysts had tough words for midfielder, Mikel Obi, whom they both agreed had become lackadaisical in his approach to national team games. They wondered why other players who were not accepted by Nigerians would play out their hearts and Mikel who supposedly had been the biggest star takes his stardom as an excuse to be complacent

Akatugba said, “The biggest problem of the Nigerian midfield is the biggest player in the team”, adding that it was time for Keshi to do bring on his man management skills to make Obi understand the reason for him to play for the team, with more passion rather than with arrogance.

He noted that just as Nigerians want the Eagles to improve against Argentina in their final group game, so would the Argentine be determined to improve on their performances which have been seen as below par by many football followers.

He warned the Super Eagles not to be too adventurous and advised them to go against the Argentinians with a cautious defensive approach, knowing that a draw would be enough for the team to qualify. He said that an adventurous attacking approach might backfire into a massive loss and in that situation; a win for Iran against Bosnia would eliminate Nigeria.

He noted that if the Iranians could hold the Argentinians, Nigeria could do same. “Any team Messi plays for, if you frustrate them they find it difficult to score.”

On his expectation, however, he still believed that Argentina would beat Nigeria. Miss Anthony also said, “I think Argentina would edge it.”

They both, however, had generous commendation for the team’s captain, Joseph Yobo, whom they said put in a stellar performance. Akatugba said that Keshi must thank the NFF and the media who clamoured for the recall of Yobo into the team. “You cannot buy experience”, he said, adding that Yobo’s 98 caps for the country should never have been waved aside as his performance against Bosnia was a show of how much maturity could add to the Eagles’ defence.


Taruwa Festival Returns With Four Days Of Performing Arts

Lydia SobogunThe Taruwa Festival, a platform for expression, is back with a four-day event that will showcase different arts.

The event, which will hold in Lagos from June 4 to 7, will be entertainment all through with different performing arts events.

Lydia Sobogun of Gbagychild Entertainment on Rubbin’ Minds said that the Taruwa Festival was created as a platform for expression aimed at showcasing young artistes.

“Sometimes when you go to big shows you see the same names over and over and the name has to be huge so people who are coming up do not have a platform to showcase their talent.

“It is four days of performing arts event starting with theatre on Wednesday June 4. We have dance and drums view.

On Friday Taruwa special festival will hold and the theme for this year is “Telling Our Story”.

“We will be going back to history and we will relate it to the present time.

“There will be a stage play and another surprise on the same day,” she said, listing where interested persons can get the tickets for the event.

According to her, the Taruwa Festival had grown from stage to stage over the years, creating a platform for artistes like M.I. Omawunmi and Obiwon amongst others to express arts.

“Taruwa Festival is just a platform for me to do what I am called to do. It is who I am and what I believe I have been called to do. I do not have any option. If I don’t do this, then I do nothing.

“It is growing but there is always room for improvement. It is seen as a Lagos thing and that is where the culture is not doing so well,” she said.

Stage drama is one event that many Nigerians do not have time to attend, but Lydia said it was doing magnificently, citing Tera Culture as one organisation that had presented a platform for companies to present stage plays to audience.

She called for better access to the government grants for the industry to grow faster.

I Don’t Want To Do Mediocre Work – Bimbo Akintola

Rubb Minds Bimbo AkintolaBeautiful Nigerian Actress, Bimbo Akintola, believes that she has stayed long enough in the Nigerian movie industry for her to be able to determine the kinds of movies she would feature in.

Appearing on Rubbin’ Minds on Channels Television, Bimbo spoke about several issues about her life, her art and future plans.

Regarded by many as one of the most talented Nigerian actresses of all time, Bimbo has been away from the movie scene for some time and she said that her decision became important because there was need to be in charge of her career, as she did not feel it was important anymore to be everywhere.

“I want to do movies that mean something and touch people’s lives, I don’t want to do mediocre work”, she said, noting that her decision was not to imply that Nollywood was mediocre but that movie-making for her at her level must mean something beyond entertainment.

He said that while indeed the industry was moving in the right direction with the entry of more professionals, she believes that “the real direction is distribution”. She was of the view that the industry would grow better when Nigerian films get distributed to places where they are being appreciated with the real producers being the beneficiaries of the sales.

The controversies surrounding the censorship of the movie ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ by Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Adichie, also came to the fore, with Miss Akintola being of the view that the clamp-down on the movie was ridiculous.

She believed that the essence of censorship was to create categories, explaining that ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ could have been classified as a movie for viewers aged 18 and above.

She admitted that there might indeed be sensitive scenes in the movie which the Censors Board was wary of for the sake of national unity but she noted that the attention being drawn to it makes the situation worse.

According to her, people could have gone to see the movie as a normal movie but the controversies about its scenes have created an air of curiosity which makes some people believe that there is something to hide in the history of Nigeria.

Of course Rubbin’ Minds got personal and Ebuka on this edition started with Bimbo’s relationship with Afrobeat artiste, Dede Mabiaku and the believe that Bimbo’s career took a downturn when she dated the musician.

Bimbo insisted that Dede was not to blame for her decision to take it slow in the business. She said that Dede remained her very good friend, whom she had no regrets dating. She said that Dede was a good person but Nigerians just love to blame him for things because of his “bad boy image” being an Afrobeat musician.

Her current relationship status came next and Bimbo admitted that she was in a relationship but maintained that she would not be coerced into marriage as it was an important aspect of human life that she could not afford to rush. She refused to disclose the identity of the man in her life or her marriage plans.

While many are craving her presence in the Box Office, Bimbo has been busy on Television with new TV shows and she spoke about her idea of cooking with children on television which she said was one of the ventures that give her joy as she is a lover of kids.

‘Hear Word’ the stage play is another of Bimbo’s passions which she has remained committed to.

The Theatre Arts graduate drew attention to the originality and depth of stage performances which gives her more fulfillment with her background in the arts.

The ongoing stage drama, ‘Hear Word’ holds at the Muson Center in Lagos every weekend, and it focuses on issues surrounding women and the girl child, another area which Bimbo has been greatly passionate about.

Bimbo Akintola has been doing movies as she wants her fans to know that her hiatus was based on the need to do things the right way and she boasted that when some of the movies she featured in are released, her fans would admit that they were worth it.

Bimbo had generous accolades for fellow actresses, Omotola Jalade Ekehinde and Genevive Nnaji who are quite younger to her but whom she is very proud of.

She singled out Omotola for having represented the good side of the women in the movie industry with her grace, talent and success in marriage; a combination she said many believe was impossible in the Nigerian movie industry.


Shape Africa Talk-Shop Looking To Solve Africa’s Problems With Initiatives

Joycee-Awojoodu-and-Jake-EffoduhThe organisers of Shape Africa talk-shop that will hold in Abuja between 5 and 6 April say the Shapers at the event will be looking to proffer solutions to Some Africa’s problems through proper collaboration of initiatives.

On a Channels Television’s programme, Rubbin’ Minds, the Curator, Global Shapers, Abuja, Joycee Awojoodu, and Jake Effoduh, Global Shapers, Abuja said that the talk-shop, with the theme, “Bold Solution, Change the Thinking, Change the Result”, will focus on how young Nigerians can begin to shape the country and the African continent through outstanding initiatives.

Awojoodu said on Sunday that Shape Africa is an initiative of the Global Shapers Community and a regional gathering of all the Global Shapers across the African continent.

There are about 20,700 Shapers Globally and 300 hubs across the globe.

The meeting will hold two days before the World Economic Forum on Africa scheduled to begin on May 7 in Abuja.

Shape Africa involves young people below the age of 40 who are doing extra ordinary things in their various communities.

Effoduh said that Shapers who already exist would induct new ones into the group described as the youngest platform of the World Economic Forum.

The Shapers hope to proffer solutions for Africa’s most pressing challenges, focusing on four pillars, Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, Education and Technology.

“We are a part of the World Economic Forum community but we have a separate agenda. It is very essential that while we are having employment issues, our young people are actually employable when the opportunities are present.

“We have agriculture enthusiasts and we want other young people to be more involved in agriculture, considering how lucrative it is,” Awojoodu said.

Awojoodu will also introduce her ‘Solarpreneur’ initiative  that promotes renewable energy to young Nigerians that will attend the programme. She pointed out that if renewable energy potentials were fully tapped, it could power so many communities in Nigeria that do not have access to the national grid.

The Shapers said that the Shape Africa Community would also offer mentorship opportunities to young Shapers in Nigerian with sound initiatives.

They  also called on young Nigerians to submit bold solutions on any field to upload a one-minute video of their initiative on Youtube and send the link to [email protected]  for an opportunity to attend the talk-show  and stand a chance of winning an award.

Over 100 Shapers are attending the event.

Nigerians Asked To Inculcate Security Consciousness Into Daily Life

Lanre-OlagunjuA writer and social commentator, Lanre Olagunju, says the security issues in Nigeria would be surmounted if Nigerians would inculcate security consciousness into their daily lives

Olagunju’s statement is coming six days after a bomb explosion killed 75 persons in Nyanya, about 16 kilometres from Abuja.

A terrorist group, Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the Monday attack in a Motor Park.

On Channels Television’s programme, ‘Rubbin’ Minds’, Olagunju stressed the need for Nigeria’s security agencies to see the insecurity situation as a war.

“We should see the issue from the perspective of war. It has gone beyond a northern problem to a national issue,” he said.

Olagunju stressed that the Monday morning attack was a reminder that the sect could hit Abuja again.

He, however, blamed the situation on the negligence of the government to provide quality education to young people in some parts of the north.

“A social problem is as a result of the action of the people. The government was sleeping at a point in time when it should be standing and facing its responsibility.

“So many things are going wrong in some north eastern states. Education is the issue and negligence on the part of the government is another. If we do not fix some problems today, in the next 20 years, it is going to tell,” he stressed.

He called on the government to consider securing the nation’s border, pointing out that the borders are very porous.

Nigeria has sought the cooperation of neighbouring countries, but Olagunju said that border countries would only support Nigeria when they see substantial seriousness from Nigeria.

“Things are the way they are as a result of the fact that the political will is not there. The government has not performed 100 per cent in any sector.

“The sincerity is not there and until we get this fixed, we would just be playing games,” Olagunju said.

He described the insecurity situation as a fresh reality that Nigerians were trying to live with it.

“It is war and we need to see it the way it is.”

He urged Nigerians to take the issue of security serious as their lives and property were involved, suggesting that Nigerians needs to start inculcating security education into their life style.

On the issue of some abducted girls in a secondary school in Chibok, in Borno State by suspected members of Boko Haram, Olagunju stressed that the controversy over the number of rescued girls was a way of politicising the issue.

He stressed the need for military personnel to know what they were doing and face their job without lies.

“Securing the lives and property of Nigerians is the first thing that should be their concern. Dancing around with politicians and lying is really overwhelming,” he said.

Olagunju insisted that all possible means should be explored to ensure that the insurgency would end.


Talking Has Gotten Me Into A Lot Of Trouble – Freeze

FreezeAn On Air Personality, Freeze, says he has gotten into a lot of trouble doing what he likes to do, ‘TALKING’.

Expressing his love for his job as a radio presenter with Cool FM, Freeze said he had used the opportunity to express his feelings about certain issues which at times do not go down well with the persons involved.

One of such situations was witnessed few years ago after a tweet about people giving out call cards on twitter, condemning the practice.

At that time, a popular Nigerian music producer and Artiste, Don Jazzy, had given out call cards as tweets to his followers on twitter and Jazzy felt the tweet was a blast.

It was at the period Jazzy and D’banj had called a split and Freeze said it was as if he was putting Jazzy on a blast.

“I was not putting Jazzy on a blast. I was just speaking my mind at that time. I love Don Jazzy because he is a very wonderful producer. I respect him and his art.

“If I found something about you that would make my radio show nice, I would say it not in a way to make you look bad but just to take a shot at you.

“May be I should not have waded in at that time because of the whole tension then. It looked almost as if I was taking side with D’banj, but I wasn’t.

“I offered both of them the same live line because I met Jazzy through D’banj. When they first came, D’banj brought his music to my station,” he said.

Freeze’s was also said to have blasted a designer, Michael Kors, in his tweet, asking the designer to be more creative.

“My problem with Michael Kors, I respect the fact that he knows how to make money, but let me see originality and something more creative.

“I like a designer with a little bit more creativity,” he pointed out.

On Forbes Africa Richest artists’ list, Freeze said that “most African artiste show off and claim to be what they were not”.

He questioned the yardstick for the selection, insisting that the list was not based on the reality on ground.

On how he built his career to the point it was, he said that he had had lots of encouragements and discouragements, stressing that he was given birth to in the year of the dragon and had a lot of a dragon’s characteristics.

“Olisa is my father in the industry. He was the number one person that believed in me. He is like a mentor. If not for him, I probably won’t be where I am today.

“Dan Foster told me to my face that he did not believe in me.

“I do not have anything against him because I feel so about so many people too. My relationship with him now is great,” he said.


Young Entrepreneurs Advocate Addition Of Entrepreneurship Courses In Curriculum

Mojisola-and-Ife-AdebiyiTwo young Nigerian entrepreneurs have stressed the need for Entrepreneurship courses to be added in the curriculum of studies in Nigeria from secondary school level.

On a Channels Television’s programme, ‘Rubbin’ Minds’, on Sunday, Mojisola Somolu of ‘Mo Make Overs’ and Adetunji Ife-Adebiyi of Tunji Robes were of the opinion that an addition of such courses would help change the orientation of young Nigerians and would enable them get the necessary knowledge about how to start their personal businesses.

Somolu, a Make-Up Artiste, said that the knowledge she got in extra-curricular activities while in secondary school helped her in her field.

Desirous of being independent while she makes her own money, she established her outfit, which she said was doing very well.

“I wanted to be independent, make my own money and not have anyone holding me to ransom.

“I started doing make-up with very little sum of money.

“When I had my first client, I had to go to the market with her to buy the make-up kits we used for her,” she said.

For Ife-Adebiyi, being self-employed is fulfilling, as he had time for himself and also controls his finance.

He said he had always wanted to control his life and decide when to do things and when not to.

He is into fashion and he said that his resolve never to work like his parents, who were civil servants and depended on a monthly pay, motivated him.

“It is not about the fact that somebody is controlling your finance. You do things on your own time and no one controls your life.

“I do not want to work like my parents, a situation where you have to wait till the end of the month to get some things done. When you are self-employed, you make money on a daily basis and nobody is telling you how to dress.

“It was more about living my life on my terms and not about the fact that I just wanted to be my own boss,” he said.

Ife-Adebiyi said that working for someone places a limit to how far one can go in life.

“At some point, I realised that a couple of people who have been in paid employment were not going higher. They have a limit that they can go.

“People take up some jobs because they feel there is job security. When there is economic shakeup that the company has to downsize, what happens?

For him, the job security issue is “more like a trap and not security”.

“They hold you down for so long a time and when you retire, they pay you a small amount of money and you leave. If you set up something at that age and something goes wrong, what will you do? He questioned.

They advised young Nigerian job seekers to look for problems that they could solve and establish a service along that line.

Their advice is coming barely one month after some job seekers lost their lives during a recruitment exercise of the Nigeria Immigration Service, which was marred by stampedes.

They identified taxation as one of the challenges they had, stressing the need for the government to reform the tax system in Nigeria for Small and medium Scale Businesses to grow faster.

Abuja Stampede: Experts Advocate Use Of Technology In Recruitment Process

Rubbin-Minds-Tech-Start-ups-ownersTechnology entrepreneurs have emphasised the need for organisations in Nigeria to embrace the use of technology in job recruitment process to avoid a repeat of the stampede that occurred during the screening exercise of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS).

The Stampede led to the death of at least 7 job seekers in Abuja and some other parts of the country.

On Channels Television’s programme, Rubbin’ Minds, on Sunday, an editor with Techcabal, Bankole Olufemi, decried the use of a stadium for screening exercise for job seekers where such text questions could be put online for job seekers to access.

“I heard that about 59,000 people were assembled together for a text. Imagine if they did not leave their homes and they had to take the screening from the comfort of their homes. Put it online and let start-up like PrepClass assist in that kind of exercise.

“It is less overhead for the organising committee and less stress for the people who are coming to take the exam. If you are doing something of that scale then you definitely want to put it on the internet. We use technology to solve problems,” he said.

One of the winners of a competition organised by Techcabal for technology start-ups entrepreneurs and owner of PrepClass, Chukwuwezam Obanor, stated that the stampede could have been avoided if the NIS had used technology in handling the screening, considering the unemployment rate in Nigeria.

PrepClass is an online portal that help students prepare for examination and it is currently focusing on the Joint Admission Matriculation Examination.


Sound Sultan Did Not Write ‘Sho Le’ For Me, Sean Tizzle Insists

Nigerian pop artiste, Sean Tizzle has insisted that veteran Hiphop musician and producer, Sound Sultan cannot take the credit for writing his debut hit single, ‘Sho Le’.

The young man who studied Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan was the guest of Rubbin’ Minds on Channels Television on Sunday.

Discussion started with Tizzle having to define his brand of music and he explained that although he started out as an R&B act, making music that sells has become the most important factor to him as a musician.

He insisted that mixing different genres of music in his recordings has worked very well in his favour and it did not matter if fans cannot identify him with a particular genre as long as he makes music that is appreciated by those fans.

He also acknowledged the growth of the industry, especially with the advent of international shows, adding that he was willing to work with any Nigerian musician.

Tizzle admitted that he indeed used to work with Sound Sultan and the older act made technical contributions to his popular debut hit “Sho le” since he started recording the song while still signed to the record label, Naija Ninjas. He however insisted that Sound Sultan did not write the song, contrary to allegations by the older act.

He also spoke about the allegation of breach of contract levelled against him by the label, which he did not deny. He revealed that they had resolved all the issues, with him having to “settle him somehow”.

Tizzle’s rapid success was further validated as he won the Next Rated awards at the Headies – Nigeria biggest music awards, beating the likes of Burna Boy and Sheyi Shay to clinch the ownership of a brand new car that came with the victory.

There had been rumours that one of the contenders, Burna Boy, stormed out of the award venue, but Sean Tizzle debunked the rumour, claiming that he discussed the allegations with Burna Boy who explained that he left after the announcement of their category since he had been due to leave the venue earlier but was only waiting for that part of the night to be over.

He, however, said that his victory at the awards was not about him but about God and the fact that he has a good team to work with. He also revealed that his album would be released in April 2014. He boasted that the album would be too exciting for any track to be skipped.

Sean Tizzle also spoke about his attraction to Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah. Having declared his feelings on a major Ghanaian radio a week before, he believed that she would get to know about his feeling and perhaps “Jackie Tizzle” may become more real than it did when Sean said it during the interview.

Oscar 2014: I Wouldn’t Pick Lupita As My Winner – Nigerian Writer

Rubbin minds - Ifeanyi DikeNigerian Writer and Actor, Ifeanyi Dike (Jnr) says that he would have given the 2014 Oscars ‘Best Supporting Actress’ award to somebody different from Lupita Nyong’o, based on performances during the year in review.

He, however, admitted that the Kenyan lady and star of the movie ‘12 years A Slave’ was indeed a talented actress who deserved the honour, also considering the hype surrounding her leading to the awards. He admitted it was her time.

Dike was on Nigerian youth programme Rubbin’ Minds on Channels Television where he discussed the Oscars and the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

Speaking about other key personalities at the Oscars, Dike believes that British born actor of Nigerian origin, Chiwetel Ejifor, missing out on the ‘Best Actor’ honour at the 2014 award should not be seen as a loss as he was sure he would still get it.

He explained that not winning in 2014 could be seen as a good thing, as this would serve as a good build-up to the time when he eventually clinches the award.

While referring to the 2014 Oscars as “the most predictable Oscars in recent years” with no surprises, he noted that Nigeria missing out on nominations in the foreign language category has nothing to do with how big its movie industry – Nollywood is. Although he admitted to not being able to explain why the country had been overlooked having seen the quality of movies recognized in the past, he expressed optimism that the country’s movies would soon get the recognitions they deserve.

Dike added that Lupita leading the way for other Africans was a about a deserved recognition of good acting and not about nationality. He was proud of her and it didn’t matter to her if she was Nigerian or not.

He also commended what he called the fantastic performance of Ellen DeGeneres as the host of the event; “I am sorry for whoever has to host the award next year because that was just insane. She was good for young people, she was good for old people, it was really interesting.”

On the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards, Mr. Dike was very much in agreement with the judges in their decisions; especially on the choice of Tope Tedela as the Best Actor in a Drama (A Mile From Home) despite being relatively an underdog competing with big names in the category.

He, however, had reservations about the general production of the event, saying that he preferred the 2013 edition of the award. “There were too much going on”, he said.