There is no evidence yet to prosecute Lawan – Police Reviewed by Momizat on . The Nigerian Police Force has advised Nigerians not to be carried away by the release of purported audio recordings of conversations in the $3million bribery sc The Nigerian Police Force has advised Nigerians not to be carried away by the release of purported audio recordings of conversations in the $3million bribery sc Rating:
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There is no evidence yet to prosecute Lawan – Police

The Nigerian Police Force has advised Nigerians not to be carried away by the release of purported audio recordings of conversations in the $3million bribery scandal involving Honourable Farouk Lawan and oil  mogul, Femi Otedola.

According to Punch Newspaper, the police claim the recordings are not enough evidence to prosecute the embattled lawmaker.

Speaking on the release of audio recordings of conversation between the two allegedly  involved in the bribery scandal, the Deputy Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, stated that it was not enough evidence to prosecute Lawan.

The Police spokesperson demanded for the full video component of the recording which should start from the beginning of its recording.

Mr Mba noted that, with the evidence so far obtained, it will amount to a waste of time and public resources to rush to court.

“You just don’t rush to court for the fun of charging people to court. That is why courts are congested and that is why we don’t make progress. It does not make sense. It is unproductive; it is a waste of public resource.”

According to the Police officer, the force will not interfere with the ongoing investigation by the Ethics and Privileges Committee of the House of Representatives as long as the committee did not do anything that would jeopardise police investigations.

“We are not interested in what the committee is doing,” he stressed, adding that “we are not monitoring them and would not interfere as long as they don’t do anything that could jeopardise what we are doing.”





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  • Plasma

    Evidence? I could trace that USD500,000 in 24 hrs and give them the evidence they want. ( actually applying )

    • bat man

      for a fee of course…;)

      • Plasma

         Yes Sir. But i wont charge up to USD500,000.

  • Akino4real

    Am sure  Mr Mba is not from this present age! If he is really from this present age where investigation are driven by smart technology then he will know that the evidence at hand is more than enough to nail this guy!

    • Donfreedom1

      It is not becaue the tapes 9audio) are obviously doctored and all from Odetola. I thought we were told that security agencies were involved in the “sting operation”, why has none spoken? Why are the tapes not from the security agencies? Odetola is as guilty as lawan. He is merely lying. He gave bries and lawan collected. I believe the bone of contention is the payment of the balance after the “job” has been done and cannot be reversed. Both should be tried

  • chronos

    The NPF must be insane…are they to be given evidence OR they to search for and find evidence; illiterates in the corridors of power.

  • Salauakinwunmi

    Until when we beging to differentiate sentiments from real issues we may not make appreciable progress as a people. At this point I must congratulate the force PRO for his level of intelligence and professionalism. The PRO’s response is on point legally and that is the only way issues could be dealt with. You have a video and you can not produce the full compliment of same, do you expect the police to go and manufacture the begining part of your video which you intend to rely on to substantiate your case. and in any way where is the exhibit of bribery? So for once I must once again commend the police so far on this matter.Cases, criminal matter for that matter requires proof beyond reasonable doubt and if you dont have enough evidence do not approach the court. If EFCC has adopted this method they would have made much more progress instead of losing cases any how.

  • Sam

    mr mba is a clown
    you are responsible for ridiculing nigeria law enforcement.

  • ogo

    Mr Mba, you are a joker. What of the term circumstancial evidence? What technology are you employing? You want to see the hard currencies first? Have you tried to invite the so-called TJ to verify the phone number and question him on his role in this whole saga? Have you used the voice analysis technology to verify the voice of Otedola and Lawan? If you need help, go and watch x-files and see how investigations are conducted by serious minded people who love their nation and serve with a sense of duty and patriotism. You make me laugh when you say you don’t want to rush to the courts . Yet our courts are inundated with cases your people rush to the courts that are hanging for lack of prosecution and unwarranted adjournment due to lack of proper and with even less evidencies when compared to what you have on Lawan. Nigerians are not asking you to crucify Lawan but to get to the truth of the matter and absolve whoever needs to be absolved. If you cannot trace the money, has Lawan said that he did not receive the cash? I think he is only denying the circumstances and both men are giving different interpretation to the outcome of their covert activity. It is for you to establish that indeed money changed hands and to further establish the purpose and intent of the money. That is all that Nigerians are asking. The Police should not make this issue more complicated than necessary because it is a straight forward case. Technicalities should not be brought into this matter to under score very glaring evidencies. Nigerian are watching.  

    • Donfreedom1

      Your commnt is unfair. I thought Mr. Odetola told us that he was acting on a sting operation by the security agencies, how come it is Odetola who is releasing the tapes and NOT any of the security agencies? How about the videos they claimed to have? Why hasnt any of these been released? Seems no security agency was involved, Odetola was lying. He agreed to offer bribes to lawan, who accepted the bribes. The problem, I believe is the payment of the balance of the bribes which is now after the ”work” has been done and “cannot” be reversed, so Odetola does not want to pay the balance and has come up with all sorts of nonsense. Both Odetola and lawan are corrupt and should be tried. If any security agency was involved in the process, how come none has spoken out. It is all stories.  

  • saint_charles

    So what did Mr. Otedola and Faruok tell the Police when they were both invited for questioning at the Force HQ? Where did the SSS get $620,000.00 cash for this so called ‘sting’ Operation? How come the SSS has not officially released a statement on these allegations if its office masterminded the operation or not? If Mr. Otedola lied about the involvement of the SSS how come he has not been arrested or invited by the SSS? Mr. Otedola should have as part of the sting operation, requested for a documented proof of receipt from Mr. Farouk as evidence to give the Police a good case ebi?


    This is Nigeria for you. I see Otedola as a Rogue and Lawal as 419ier and Mr. Mba is right.The Police must be sure before going to court to avoid another failed prosecution. 

  • Okpo


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