Jay-Z to Host in Two Historical Concert

Channels Television  
Updated December 9, 2011
American Rapper Jay Z

Carnegie Hall in New York will serve as host to the ‘King of New York’ Jay-Z for two new concerts as he performs to benefit “United Way of New York City” and “The Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation.”

Private ticket packages for the concerts will begin December 12th 2011.

Come February 6th and 7th 2012, lucky ticket holders will be honoured to watch Jay-z mount the stage of Carnegie Hall because he will be performing like never before.

Jay-Z said it is a great honour for him to be hosted in a venue as old as the Carnegie Hall and make benefits for next generation education to bring about artists,entrepreneurs and great thinkers through his talents.

Jay-Z said he is glad to be part of the way forward in New York City education foundation