Angelina Jolie Responds to Accusation over Story Rights to New Film

Channels Television  
Updated December 10, 2011

The Award winning actress, Angelina Jolie has responded to the accusations concerning her recent efforts in her recent movie “In The Land of Blood and Honey” which Croatian Journalist James Braddock sued her for Plagiarism.

Jolie claimed that she has never seen the book and she gets her inspiration from different books and documentaries. The soul shattering story talks about a Serbian Solider who fell in love with a female prisoner.

In the law suit filed by Braddock, he claims that he met Jolie’s producer Edin Sarkic several times in 2008 discussing about his book in which Sarkic used the ideas in producing Angelina Jolie’s movie.

Braddock is seeking an injunction to block the film’s scheduled release on December 23.