Senate queries Navy over stripped assets

Channels Television  
Updated September 20, 2012

The Chairman Senate Committee on Navy,  Chris Anyanwu, Wednesday said the committee would investigate reports and protests that the Nigerian Navy is being stripped of some of its strategic assets.

Speaking during an interactive investigative meeting of the committee on navy, Mr Anyanwu warned that any action which would have the effect of crippling the navy is not in the strategic interest of the country.

He asked the Chief of Naval Staff, represented by the Chief of Naval Logistics, Rear Admiral Usman Jibril to explain the reported cases of stripping of its assets in many of its formations across the country.

She said, “In the past few weeks, the committee has been inundated with reports and protests about what some have perceived as an ongoing stripping of strategic assets of the Navy. Three major assets are involved. Ogogoro Island, Navy Dockyard, Lagos, and Navy Shipyard Port Harcourt.

“This meeting is convened therefore to begin the process of investigation into this report with a view to ascertaining a justification for so doing, if any. We want to know the true position of these assets. Have they been sold, leased or mortgaged for how long, to whom and under what terms and conditions?

“Have these transactions protected the public good and preserved the future? How will the action affect Navy’s future strategic interest? Has this been well considered and protected?

“As the committee over sighting Navy, our responsibility is to confirm that the best interest of the Navy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is protected and that what has been done does not in any way hamper or jeopardize its future transformation plan.”

Representative of the Chief of Naval Staff, however, failed to respond to the issues raised by the committee as journalists were asked to vacate the meeting venue for security purpose.