Dateline Abuja: Challenges Of University Education In Nigeria

Channels Television  
Updated June 22, 2014

There are 129 universities in Nigeria, 79 of them are public institutions while the rest are private.

What are the challenges of university education in Nigeria and how does Government identify and address them? University education is the focus of this edition of Dateline Abuja.

A lot has been said about the scale of damage the education sector has undergone but how deep is this and what is being done about this challenge.

According to the National Policy on Education, the provision of the much-needed manpower to accelerate the growth and development of the economy is the main relevance of university education in Nigeria.

Again how has Nigerian universities lived up to this objective? The Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission, Professor Julius Okojie, is our guest on the programme.

We also bring you a report on the steps taken by the Federal Government to explain the selection process for the Presidential Scholarship Scheme.

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