Shina Peller Floats New Label, Signs Tilla

Channels Television  
Updated September 12, 2014

Aquila Records 5Foremost businessman and socialite, Shina Peller has floated a new label and has signed pop-star and youth ambassador Tilla (formerly known as Tillaman), and his brother, Que Peller.

The record label which is one of Mr. Peller’s many business ventures, is named Aquila Records, has signed both Tilla and Que Peller to multi-million Naira deals, reportedly.

With the label, Tilla, “D Real Omoba” as he’s fondly called, “will be fortifying his stance as one of the best pop-stars on the African continent, while Que Peller will be embarking on massive campaign to make him a household name in no time”, insiders said.

Aquila Records is expected to host its official launch party on Saturday, September 27.

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