Shutting Down DAAR Communication Is Not An Option BON

Channels Television  
Updated June 7, 2019


The Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON) has reacted to the recent suspension of DAAR Communications by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), saying the move is not an option the regulatory body should have adopted.

The organisation through its Vice Chairman, Godfrey Ohuabunwa who was a guest on Channels Televisions News at 10, said there are other options available to address the issues raised.

He stressed that the sanction is not a good development, owing to the varying harassment journalists are faced with on a regular basis.

For us as a broadcast industry, we don’t think its a good development, the reason being that at this time, shutting down DAAR Communication is not the option.

We assume and we know that under international rules and engagement, as a regulator if there is an infraction by any of the broadcasters, I don’t think to shut down under this circumstance should be the action.

I believe that there are other options available to NBC to deal with this matter, they could have fined them or do other things, he added.

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He called for the review of the NBC Act presently at the National Assembly because such sanctions deserve to be appealed.

But one thing this has brought to the fore is that it is high time that the NBC act is reviewed as we know it is presently at the National Assembly and I think that one of the things that should be taken cognisance of is that there should be room for appeal.

Because in any law, people have the opportunity to appeal, so if an infraction happens and a decision taken like this is hard.

In the last couple of years, the press and journalists have been cowed down in several ways, harassed.

NBC could have fined them as an option, shutting down is not an option. What do you gain by shutting down a TV station? he asked.