Lawyer Says Hate Speech Bill Is A ‘Distraction, Waste Of Time’

Channels Television  
Updated November 25, 2019


Lawyer, Kayode Ajulo, has described the Hate Speech Bill being proposed by Senator Abdullahi Sabi as a distraction that should be withdrawn.

Ajulo said this during an interview on Channels TV’s Politics Today, while reacting to reports that the death penalty proposed for anyone found culpable, will be amended.

According to him, “the issue today is that we don’t need (that) bill” and “Apart from being a distraction, it is a waste of time”.

“We need not continue to duplicate most of our laws,” he added.

Ajulo believes that the lawmakers ought to focus on other areas that require attention such as security, education and power or amend old laws, rather than creating new ones.

“By the time you check Section 50 of the Criminal Act, it is so clear that what is being mentioned in the Hate Speech Bill is what we have there.

“So, the question we should ask ourselves is, why are we talking about this? Why must we cause a distraction when there is a need for bills on terrorism, standard of education and power etc.

“We need bills to clear the Lacuna when it comes to the issue of the state and federal government.

“I think what Nigerians want is for the sponsors of the bill to withdraw it,” he said.

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The bill was read on the floor of the Senate on November 12 and Deputy Chief Whip who sponsored the legislation stated that it will address the dangers hate speech poses for the country.

It defines the act of hate speech when a person uses, publishes, presents, produces, plays, provided, distributes and/or directs the performance of any material, written and or visual which is threatening, abusive or insulting or involves the use of threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour.

As well as, a situation where a person intends to stir up hatred against any person or group in Nigeria.