Tinubu’s Government Inherited Dead Economy — Soludo

The 63-year-old ex-CBN chief accused the apex bank of illegally printing money. 

Governor of Anambra, Professor Charles Soludo
Governor of Anambra, Professor Charles Soludo


Governor of Anambra State, Prof Charles Soludo, has stated that the President Bola Tinubu administration inherited a dead economy from its predecessors.

Soludo made this assertion on Thursday while commenting on policies of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today programme.

“This economy inherited a dead economy. From a macroeconomic point of view, this government inherited a dead horse that was still standing and people didn’t know it was dead,” the former CBN governor stressed.

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“Because you can’t pour water on a rock and not expect the rock not to be wet, there are humungous challenges and I think it is important that Nigerians understand this and it is not a tea party.”



Soludo, while explaining his role in putting curbs on monetary structures when he headed the apex bank between 2004 and 2009, accused the CBN of illegally printing money.

“We must realise where we are coming from,” he said.

“We sat here in this country and  saw  the monetary authorities literally printing money, illegally I must say, because I superintended the development of  drafting of the 2007 Bank Act.”

“And to prevent us from where we are today, that is why we had an explicit clause there that prevents Central Bank  from lending recklessly to the Federal Government.

“That you can not grant to the Federal Government more than 5 per cent of the previous year’s actual revenue.”

He maintained that the CBN failed to comply with the 2007 CBN Act, adding that the current monetary trajectory was avoidable in the first place.

“We all sat here and saw how the CBN brazenly, illegally violated that law year after year and kept on printing money,” the governor said.

“When you continue to credit the account of government, one trillion people shouted, two trillion,10 trillion, 15 trillion and 20 trillion and we kept going.”