Plateau: We Will Not Be Distracted By Rev Daluk’s Malicious Comments – Military

The military insists that its personnel have conducted their duties professionally and in accordance with the rules of engagement.

About 200 persons were killed in Christmas Eve attacks in Plateau State.


The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has issued a strong response to a video statement made by Reverend Timothy Daluk, Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Mangu Chapter, accusing the military of bias and misconduct in addressing security challenges in the Mangu general area.

In a statement released by Brigadier General Tukur Gusau, the Acting Director of Defence Information, the military asserted its commitment to its constitutional role and refutes the baseless allegations made by Rev. Daluk.

The statement acknowledged the existence of the video circulating in the media and describes it as “malicious” with the intention of maligning military personnel deployed to address security concerns in the Mangu region. The accusations made in the video are deemed baseless, untrue, and lacking any reasonable foundation by the DHQ.

Providing context to the situation, the statement recallec the breach of security in the Mangu municipal area on January 23, 2024, leading to the imposition of a 24-hour curfew by the Plateau state government.  It noted that Troops of Operation SAFE HAVEN were subsequently reinforced in Mangu to enforce the curfew and maintain control.

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The military insisted that its personnel have conducted their duties professionally and in accordance with the rules of engagement, successfully arresting criminals involved in looting and burning of properties and recovering weapons.

Expressing deep concern, the military emphasized that it is disturbing for a religious leader, expected to demonstrate high moral judgement and truthfulness, to spread falsehoods about the military and its personnel.

The DHQ reiterated the military’s commitment to neutrality, professionalism, and its constitutional role of protecting the lives and property of law-abiding citizens.

The public was called upon to support ongoing military operations aimed at addressing security challenges in Plateau. The DHQ also issued a stern warning to individuals making malicious comments against the military, stating that constitutional redress will be pursued against those found spreading falsehoods, regardless of their societal status.

The military expressed gratitude to law-abiding citizens for their support and cooperation, assuring the public of its unwavering dedication to preserving peace and security in the country.