Comedian Actor Spiff Announces Engagement To His ‘Soulmate’

Samuel Ajibola (Spiff)


Comedian-actor Samuel Ajibola popularly known as Spiff has announced his engagement to his girlfriend, Sandra.

The Nollywood actor announced the news on his Instagram page on Thursday, January 2, 2020.

He shared some pre-wedding photos which he captioned with a loving message.

“S O U L M A T E: I’ve always been big on the kind of Soul I would be spending the rest of my Life with as Forever is a Long time to be Miserable with the wrong person. At some point in my adolescence, It became a fervent prayer request when I figured I couldn’t find you myself. God answered, and it didn’t take long to confirm you as the woman of my Dreams, My Best friend & the very one that would compliment me.

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S O U L M A T E : I’ve always been big on the kind of Soul i would be spending the rest of my Life with as Forever is a Long time to be Miserable with the wrong person . At some point of my adolescence , It became a fervent prayer request when i figured i couldn’t find you myself . God answered , and it didn’t take long to confirm you as the woman of my Dreams , My Best friend & the very one that would complement me . I’m completely certain that i have made the Right choice with you because since we met I haven’t spent a day without thinking of you (which is very rare of me) , and i can’t wait to spend the rest of our Lives laughing and Playing like we do Everyday . 📸 : @aristomixmultimedia #TheAdaAdeRoyals2020 #Adanna&Ademola #Sandra&Samuel #RoyalWeddings #Vision2020 #KingdomUnion

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It’s raining wedding proposals in the Nigerian showbiz world as the news of Ajibola’s engagement follows that of another popular comedian, Crazeclown.

 The Ukrainian trained medical doctor turned comedian took to his Instagram page on Monday, December 30, 2019, to announce his engagement.

In a simple message, the comedian revealed that his girlfriend had agreed to spend the rest of her life with him.



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… She said YESSSSS!!! 😩❤️ 💍 #BestWayToEndTheYear

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Comedian Kevin Hart Hospitalised After Car Crash

In this file photo taken on September 24, 2018 actor Kevin Hart arrives for the premiere of ‘Night School’ in Los Angeles, California. Actor-comedian Kevin Hart and two others were involved in a car crash in Calabasas, California early September 1, 2019, according to a California Highway Patrol incident report obtained by CNN. Hart and the driver, Jared Black, sustained “major back injuries” and were transported to nearby hospitals for treatment, the report states. PHOTO: FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP


Comedian and actor Kevin Hart has been hospitalised with major back injuries after his car crashed into a ditch.

According to the California Highway Patrol report, Hart was riding in his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda — a powerful vintage car — with two other people in the wee hours of Sunday on Mulholland Highway in Los Angeles County.

The driver, identified as Jared Black, lost control of the car and it rolled into a gully.

Black, 28, and the third passenger, internet fitness model Rebecca Broxterman, were trapped inside.

“Hart and Black sustained major back injuries as a result of this collision and were transported and treated at nearby hospitals,” Highway Patrol said in the report.

Broxterman, 31, sustained no injuries.

Black, Broxterman’s fiance, was determined not to have been driving under the influence at the time of the crash.

Hart, 40, is a popular comedian and actor, known for roles in “The Secret Life of Pets” and “Jumanji.”

He was asked to host the 2019 Oscars but pulled out when old homophobic tweets of his resurfaced.

The news of the accident has since generated social media buzz with many fans calling for prayers up for Hart.


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I Was Once A Bus Conductor, Says Ace Comedian Ali Baba

Ali Baba


Ace comedian, Atunyota Akpobome, popularly known as Ali Baba, said he was once a bus conductor before he rose to stardom.

The top Stand-up comedian went down memory lane on Saturday, sharing his growing up experience on Channels Television’s Breakfast Programme, Sunrise.

“I have been a bus conductor before, from Ramah park back to Ogbaazu (in Delta State),” he said on Saturday.

Ali Baba revealing his humble background said he occasionally used his dad’s Toyota Crown vehicle to convey people to their respective destinations as a taxi-driver.

“ I had my dad’s Toyota Crown. I will take the car for washing and I would do kabu-kabu (taxi), bribe him by coming with all the newspapers and put on the table,” he added.

Described as King of Comedian by some of his fans, the comic actor revealed that his hard work eventually paid off because people recognised him when he ventured into comedy.

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Recalling how the family of the publisher of The Guardian Newspaper, (late) Chief Alex Ibru, approached him a few years back as they recognised him as someone who once did menial jobs for the family.

He added, “ I have loaded bottles before in Super Brew. Even the Ibrus knew me because during holidays my dad takes us to the village. Our own summer was in the village.

“So when I started doing stand-ups, they were one of the first people that I visited and they were like, you are the one that loads crates and I responded, Yes I used to.”

Ali Baba, who has marked 30 years as a successful comedian in the country said that his entry into the comic world began by an “accident.”

According to him, 1988 was a defining moment because ‘October Rush’ was a time people coming back from holidays had free time.

Promoters of the shows in the 80’s according to him helped shoot him to limelight by targeting students who were fresh from school with lots of cash that could attend the shows.

New Breed Of Entertainers Are Unfolding -Koffi

Ace Comedian, Koffi Idowu has said that new class of entertainers are unfolding in the industry.

He disclosed this in an interview with Entertainment News on Channels Television.

“I am an entertainer, but I am in a society where they don’t single out entertainers yet. It took a while before they accepted comedians, but I am ahead of the park of people who can generally do a lot of those things very well in entertainment, as a comedian, actor, singer and writer.

“Soon you will see new generations coming. Like Falz, he is a rapper, he is an actor. Kenny Blaq is also a comedian who sings. Emma Oh My God. A new generation of people like me are coming with a different verse to it, we are a new breed of entertainers.”

Koffi’s break on TV can be traced back to the hit comedy sitcom, ‘Twilight zone’, where he played the character called Daudu or “Shake Body”.

On the music front, he has been active since 2004, when he released ‘Comfussion’. Today, he boasts a wealth of experience in the industry with many awards and recognition to show for it.

“For me, it takes nothing anymore, I started out as that comedian who went through theater training, perfected theater training and became a refined actor. The music side of me started coming to the fur then I perfected it, then the writing part of me that people haven’t exactly seen started coming to the fur and I perfected it. For me now, I can wake up and do any of these things, it has become part of me.”

Experience and success come with responsibility and for the comedy circle in Nigeria, a recurring problem is the recycling of jokes, which many condemn, including Koffi.

He believes it is difficult to draw a line between emerging acts rising on the shoulders of older acts and an outright infringement on intellectual property.

“It’s not okay to pick up someone else’s joke, especially if you are in the same marketplace. The problem is the market got flooded by people who are not ready.”

Another bone of contention in the industry is the morality of telling certain jokes. In the past few years, top comedians including Basket Mouth, Bovi, Ay and Akpororo have taken a lot of flak to telling jokes about rape and domestic violence, which offended the public. Failed celebrity marriages have become another line for jokes.

“That is a personal thing, for instance, will not go into a public place and say certain things. It is about personal ideologies and mentality.”

Koffi continues to put in the work as an entertainer and is currently promoting his new album, Color-Borations which features talents across various genres including Small Doctor, Ali Baba, Klint The Drunk, Mc Abbey, Raskimono, Sunny Nneji, Jimmy Jatt, M.I, African China and Asa.

‘I Go Dye’ Inspired Me To Be A Comedian – Forever

Fast rising comedian, Forever, who was born in Delta State couldn’t live his mother’s dream of seeing her son work in the lucrative oil industry, thereby rescuing the family from its financial challenges.

Speaking with Entertainment News on Channels Television, the comedian revealed that ‘I Go Dye’ inspired him to comedy because he never planned to venture into it.

“Growing up, you have to stand firm, looking around, you knew that the only way to get to the top was to push. I did not plan to be a comedian, I did not know what was comedy, I just knew I was funny. So, in church we will do stage drama, I will write the story, people will laugh.

“I did not know it was called comedy until 2005 I went to visit my grand mum and I woke up and there were laughing. I saw them watching a night of a thousand laugh and I Go Dye was performing. I Go Dye was the person that inspired me to the comedy. I Go Dye is the inspiration behind Forever becoming a comedian.”

Speaking on his childhood he explained that his mother wanted him to work in an oil company at all means.

“You know in Delta State, one of the shortest route to escape poverty is to work in an oil firm, in my mother’s mind I must work in oil company. I ended up studying mechanical engineering, as I speak to you today, Nigeria has successfully changed my career, I cannot come and go and kill myself.”

He further disclosed that comedy eventually paid his way through school and kept food on his table. From the day, he got his first payment of 700 Naira.

“When I graduated from school, I asked myself do I really want to be a mechanical engineer, because I was forced into this thing to escape poverty. So, I made up my mind that I will die in it.

According to the comedian, Comedy became an important part of life, which ultimately led him to Lagos, where some of his role models including I Go Dye were already plying the same trade.

“I read a story of Alibaba, how somebody charged one million in 1995 when I was still thinking of how to finish primary school, I said if it can lead to livelihood and can give me the kind of future I would want as someone working in an oil firm, then why not.”

“You can’t underplay the roles of mentors, my mentors Abeh and Circle, my role model Alibaba, I connected with them and I told them I am already in Lagos. They recommended me for their platforms, they were people who were not scared to see me grow.

For Forever, comedy is more than a means to an end. It is a corrective tool which can be used to fix society’s ills but the challenge is one must be known to be heard. Attaining an A-list status may seem like an uphill task.

“Not easy but it’s possible with consistent excellence, but getting to the top is more difficult because getting there you have to stay there. It is easier to fall from that place than get there.  It is much difficult to stay there when you get there.

Tracy Morgan Pictured In A Wheelchair

article-0-1F9FAA1000000578-478_634x944 5 weeks after Former Saturday Night Live star, Tracy Morgan, was hit from behind by a Wal-Mart truck on the New Jersey Turnpike, he heads out in a wheelchair and was spotted for the first time since the accident that left a fellow comedian dead.

Tracy, who was moved to rehabilitation after being hospitalized, broke his femur in the accident and plans to continue rehabbing his broken leg and rib injury at home with an aggressive outpatient program.

The comedian is suing Wal-Mart for negligence, as one of their drivers was involved in auto accident on June 7, saying that they should have known that its driver had been awake for over 24 hours and that his commute of 700 miles from his home in Georgia to work in Delaware was ‘unreasonable.’

The suit also alleges the driver fell asleep at the wheel, causing the crash.

His friend, James McNair was killed in the crash, while Comedian Ardie Fuqua, of Jersey City, remains in critical condition.


Impersonating Pastor Chris Okotie Brought Me Fame – AY

Popular Comedian, Ayo Makun, also known as AY, has disclosed that his impersonation of popular Nigerian pastor, Chris Okotie got him his fame.

Popular Pentecostal Preacher, Chris Okotie is well known for his passionate sermons which are usually filled with complex mix of English and Latin vocabularies to the amazement of his large church and television audiences.

Speaking on Channels Television Saturday breakfast programme, Sunrise, AY said that his line of comedy focuses on stand-up, skit and impersonation as he is known to have also successfully made popular jokes by mimicking several Nigerian entertainers including D’Banj and Tuface Idibia.

He noted that while most Nigerian comedians are social commenters who know how to observe their environment and make jokes from everyday happenings, he had chosen a path that works best for him and which also helps him to maintain his originality.

He further attributed his fast rise in the business to the influence of the one popularly known in Nigeria as the ‘King of Comedy’, Ali Baba, stating that he was a mentor that helped him find his bearing in the art of comedy.

Speaking about moving forward, AY, who has consistently displayed an appreciable level of creativity with his production of TV shows, drama and comedy concerts, revealed that his next project would be working on a movie.

He revealed that the new movie would feature ageless Hollywood star, Vivica Fox.