Senate Committee Inspects Health Institutions In Lagos

Senate, Health, LagosMembers of the Senate Committee on Health have inspected some health agencies in Lagos State, southwest Nigeria.

The lawmakers say they are on tour of the health institutions to identify their challenges, strengths and weaknesses ahead of the 2017 budget.

The centres visited by the committee include the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), the Lagos University Teaching Hospital and the Nigeria Institute for Medical Research among others.

Heads of the agencies visited reeled out their challenges, stressing that the major setback was inadequate funding.

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Olanrewaju Tejuoso, promised that the committee would do all within its powers to ensure appropriate funding of each Federal Government health institution.

He also stressed the need for the teaching hospitals to get back to their effective running capacity in order to reverse medical tourism in Nigeria.

“The likes of LUTH (and) UCH in the past were equivalent to US (and) UK hospitals that people were running to before and we want that to come back.

“We want to reverse medical tourism in Nigeria and we need our Chief Medical Directors (CMDs) all over the country to give us good guidance as to appropriating positively for them because last year, the budget proposal given to the Ministry of Health from every health institution was not what we finally appropriated, which I think is not helping the country.

“We need the teaching hospitals (as well as) the heads of the hospitals to be fearless and give us the true picture of what they need so that when we are appropriating, we will be properly guided and it won’t be the ministry that will just give everybody the same proposal,” the senator said.

What You Should Know About Hypotension

hypotension, blood pressure, hypertension Hypotension, which is low blood pressure, can have similar complications as high blood pressure if its symptoms become severe.

It is not as common as hypertension which affects about 22 per cent of adults aged 18 and above globally.

Hypotension may be a signal to an underlying medical condition but it can be identified with a measuring apparatus for checking the pressure of the blood in the human circulatory system.

Most of the time, attention is on high blood pressure but there is equally a silent low blood pressure or hypotension to watch out for.


Explaining the difference between Hypertension and Hypotension, a cardiologist with the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Dr. Olusegun Joseph, said that “the normal blood pressure is between 90-120 over 60-80. Anything lower than 90 over 60, is termed hypotension, he said.

“They are not uncommon. Usually it is secondary to some diseases. There are people that are naturally, their blood pressure is 80/60, 80/55 and they are doing well. Such people, if they are not symptomatic there is nothing to really worry about. The problem comes when there are symptoms”.

Hypotension would seem to be a blood pressure reading to strive for but for some people, it can cause mild symptoms and in severe cases low blood pressure can be life-threatening.

As much as this life-threatening condition exists, very few people know about it, as indicated by a survey of opinions carried out by Channels Television’s health correspondent, Yomi Otaigbe.

But Dr. Joseph says “you need to know your numbers especially as you are growing. Alright, what are the numbers? Your blood pressure. The other thing is to know if your blood sugar is ok.

“This is because diabetes can cause, you know, hmm, hypotension. It can also predispose to hypertension anyway”.

For another cardiologist with the teaching hospital, Dr. Casmir Amadi, “when somebody has low blood pressure that has clinical relevance, the ability of the organs to receive blood becomes impaired. The commonest organ that will suffer will be the brain, the brain will not receive enough blood supply. So, usually they feel very dizzy and may have blurry vision”.

Explaining symptoms of the condition further he said: “If they lie down on the bed and trying to get out of bed, they will feel dizzy and if the low blood pressure is so bad, it may affect the perfusion of the heart muscle as well”.

Whether it is hypertension or low blood pressure, it is important to get regular blood pressure checks so as to pick up any abnormality early enough and get prompt treatment where necessary.

Woman Donates Pension To Buhari’s War Against Corruption

BuhariA pensioner, Mrs Rose Julius, has donated her entire monthly pension of 10,000 Naira to support the Buhari administration’s war against corruption.

Mrs Julius, who retired as a cleaner from the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, also promised to contribute 1,000 Naira monthly out of her pension towards the rehabilitation of the Internally Displaced Persons.

She said that she was making the donation because she was convinced that the President is a tested man of integrity, who can be trusted to restore the lost glory of Nigeria and drastically curb corruption in the country.

The pensioner also commended President Buhari’s efforts to end the Boko Haram insurgency and rehabilitate displaced persons.

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina, who received the donation on behalf of the President, thanked Mrs Julius for her faith in the Buhari administration.

“We have a pact with Nigerians to change things for the better and we are on the right track. President Buhari and his team are working tirelessly to revamp the economy, combat terrorism and curb corruption,” the President’s aide said.

Alleged Lagos Police Killing: Slain Woman’s Family Demand Justice

PoliceDoctors at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, may have battled in vain to save the life of a woman allegedly shot by a police officer at Ijegun area of Lagos.

Channels Television correspondent Lauretta Chiogor, visited the hospital, where she met the slain woman’s four children who witnessed the killing, and now reports that her family members are demanding justice.

Health Matters: Causes of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

lungsChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, also known as COPD, is an under-diagnoses and serious lung condition which has implications for breathing.

W.H.O estimates that in 2004, 64 million people suffered from it, almost 90% of them in low and middle income countries.

It is more common in men but the women are catching up, the top health body says, if there are no quick interventions to reduce risks, deaths from COPD may go up by 30% in the next ten years.

A Consultant and Chest Physician at Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi – Araba, Dr. Cyril Chukwu, explains more about the COPD.

LUTH Doctors Suspend Strike

luthStriking resident doctors and other health workers at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba have suspended their over two weeks industrial action, resuming duties on Thursday.

The suspension was based on the intervention by the Ministry of Labour and Productivity, who signed an agreement by both parties after most of the issues had been resolved.

Issues surrounding residency training, shortage of manpower, staff welfare, infrastructure, patient care and general work environment had forced the health workers to abandon their duties.

The President, Association of Resident Doctors, LUTH, Dr. Olubunmi Omojolowo, said that the management has reduced  some of the prices of operations carried out; such as minor surgical fees, to less than 50% of their present rates. He cited situations where they have been reduced from 50,000 to about 22,000 to be affordable to most Nigerians.

He also noted the tenure of the residency training, stating that the management has written to resident doctors to clearly specify their tenures and implement the circular by the Federal Government as soon as it arrives.

Health Matters: Learning Disorder And Its Disabilities

learning disorderLearning disorders are sometimes called learning disabilities which show up as marked difficulties in the acquisition and use of listening, speaking, reading, and other abilities.

They affect the brain’s ability to receive process, store, respond to and communicate information.

Experts say, learning disorders are not caused by economic constraints or cultural differences, nor are they the result of lack of exposure to education.

Are learning disorders the same as intellectual disabilities, or what was known as mental retardation? How does one identify a learning disorder?

Let’s find out all about them today, with Dr. Motunrayo Oyelohunu, a Psychiatrist at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi Araba.

Residents Doctors’ Warning Strike Commences

Lagos_doctors_867855132Resident Doctors have commenced a 3-day warning strike across the country.

Patients at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, are stranded as the doctors there enforced the strike.

In Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, Resident Doctors of the Federal Medical Centre, Idi Aba joined their colleagues nationwide in the ongoing 3-day warning strike.

A visit to the hospital revealed that although the resident doctors have withdrawn their services as directed by the national body, the action seemed not to be having much impact as nurses and consultants attended to patients.

Attempts to speak with the union leaders and management of the hospital proved abortive as they said they were not willing to speak on this development.

In Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, the strike was in force also, but the Spokesperson of the National Hospital, Dr Tayo Haastrup, said that the welfare package of resident doctors can be negotiated with the Federal Government without putting the lives of teeming Nigerians at stake.

Resident Doctors at the Federal Medical Centre, in Owo, Ondo State also joined their counterparts across the country.

Channels Television was at the hospital to monitor the situation at the hospital. Though our crew was not allowed into the wards by the security officials at the hospital, there activities to indicate that other health workers in the hospital were at work.

We had an interview with the Chairman, Association of Resident Doctors in the hospital, Raymond Omotayo who highlighted the demands of the association from the federal government, noting that if the demands are not met by July 1, 2015, the Doctors will be forced to embark on an indefinite strike action.

All our efforts to speak with the Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Dr Femi Omotosho proved abortive as he was said to be out of the state and other senior officers in the hospital were not willing to speak to our correspondents.

Resident doctors in Rivers State were not left out in the strike as Channels Television visited the Braithwaithe Memorial Specialist Hospital in Port Harcourt, where patients were seen waiting to see doctors that were not available.


Health Matters: Suicide, Factors Involved

suicide and causesAccording to a World Health Organization fact sheet in 2007, almost 3000 people commit suicide every day. The act of suicide devastates the lives of family and friends.

For every person who completes a suicide, several more may attempt one. Men are 3 to 4 times more likely to commit suicide but attempts are more common in young people and females. For members of the families and friends, affected by suicide or attempted suicide, the emotional impact usually lasts for many years.

There is a growing awareness of the taking of one’s life as a major public health problem and rates have gone up by 60% over the last 50 years. The increase has been more marked in developing countries.

Dr. Peter Ogunnubi, Senior Registrar in the Department of Psychiatry, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi Araba, says there is  more increase in the rate of suicide which is due to lack of awareness.

He listed some of the factors involved in suicide as, mental health which includes depression, medical conditions such as Cancer, HIV, unemployment, emotional issues, rational suicide amongst others.

Dr. Ogunnubi cautioned the media and the movie industry on what messages are behind their movies, stating that most children practice what they see on the screen.


N4.7bn Money Laundering: Babalakin Again Fails To Appear In Court

The arraignment of the Managing Director of Bi -Courtney Ltd; Dr Wale Babalakin by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) over an alleged N4.7billion money laundering charge was again stalled on Wednesday owing to the defendant’s absence in court and his controversial illness.

Mr Babalakin (SAN) is alleged to have laundered the funds on behalf of the convicted former governor of Delta State, Mr James Ibori.

The case however took a new twist as his lawyer; Chief Ebun Sofunde (SAN) announced his withdrawal from the case.

Mr Sofunde withdrew from the money laundering charge filed by the EFCC against his client, citing personal reasons.

He however did say that if Mr Babalakin wishes to challenge his withdrawal, he may decide to tell the court the actual reason behind his withdrawal from the matter.

Presiding Judge, Justice Onigbanjo granted his request for withdrawal and another Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Bolaji Ayorinde, announced his appearance for Mr Babalakin.

Chief Ayorinde told the court that he had filed an application for an adjournment of the case as Mr Babalakin is still receiving treatment at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

Outside the court, however, counsel to the EFCC, Mr Jacobs described the defence claims as a ploy geared at frustrating the arraignment and prosecution of Mr Babalakin.

Justice Onigbanjo adjourned the case till the 17th of January, 2013.

Meanwhile, in an another case before the Federal High Court Ikoyi involving Mr Bablakin, the presiding Judge; Justice Mohammed Idris adjourned till Thursday the 13th of December, the hearing of a preliminary objection filed by the EFCC.

The Commission is challenging the jurisdiction of the Federal High Court to make an order which can affect the proceedings at the Lagos High Court Ikeja.

If the court agrees with the EFCC, the case at the Federal High Court will be struck out but if the court rules against the Commission, it will then proceed to determine the issues of the legality of the charges against Mr Babalakin and whether the EFCC can proceed against him without the fiat of the Attorney General of Lagos.


Fire razes LUTH’s Tuberclosis centre

A fire on Thursday night razed the Direct Observation Therapy Centre for Tuberculosis of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital in Idi Araba, Lagos.

The fire was said to have been caused by an electric spark.

The fire raged for over an hour while fire fighters were said to have responded after a number of distress calls were made.