Stick To Your Advocacy Role, FG Tells BBOG

Stick To Your Advocacy Role, FG Tells BBOGThe Federal Government has urged the Bring Back Our Girls Group to see it as a partner rather than an adversary in the group’s quest to secure the release of the Chibok girls.

In a statement in Abuja on Monday, the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, said that the BBOG’s continued portrayal of the government as an adversary and the needless firing of darts at the President, who is doing his utmost best to bring the girls back home safely, are ultimately counter-productive.

“The Federal Government has bent over backwards to carry the BBOG along and to show transparency in the conduct of the search for the girls.

“The recent invitation extended to the group to witness first-hand the search for the girls by the Nigerian Air Force is a clear indication of this.

“However, it came to us as a surprise that in spite of its initial positive report on the tour, the BBOG has too quickly reverted to its adversarial role.

“BBOG should stick to its role as an advocacy group rather than pretending to be an opposition party.

“The synonyms of the word ‘advocacy’ do not include ‘antagonism’, ‘opposition’ or ‘attack’. In fact, those words are the antonyms of ‘advocacy’,” he said.

Alhaji Mohammed said it amounts to needless grandstanding for the BBOG to say it will no longer tolerate ”delays” and ”excuses” from the President on the release of the girls, as reported by the media, noting that such impudent language should have been reserved for those who did nothing in the first 500 days of the girls’ abduction, not for a President who has presided over the liberation of all captured territory, the opening of shuts schools and roads, the safe release of some of the abducted girls and the decimation of Boko Haram.

He assured Nigerians that the efforts to bring the girls back safely are continuing, but sought their understanding for not divulging any further details so as not to jeopardize the intricate process.

“Let me say unequivocally that the people involved in the negotiations are working 24/7. The negotiations are complicated, tortuous and delicate. Any wrong signal is capable of derailing things. That’s why the less we say about the talks the better it is for all.

“We need a huge amount of confidence-building, the kind of which led to the release of the 21 of the girls.

“This has been lacking for years, but right now we are confident that we are on the right track. We won’t do anything to jeopardize these talks, irrespective of the pressure or provocation from any quarter,” the Minister said.

Nigeria Says Negotiations Ongoing To Release More Chibok Girls

Boko Haram, Chibok Girls, Lai MohammedThe Minister of Information, Mr Lai Mohammed, says negotiations are ongoing for the release of the Chibok girls and other abductees with the Boko Haram terrorists.

The minister also expressed optimism that the dialogues would yield the desired results in due course.

His remarks were in response to comments made by the Bring Back Our Girls group after a tour of the northeast operations.

BBOG Arrives Northeast On Guided Tour
Mr Lai Mohammed, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili and a member of the BBOG group

Although Mr Mohammed said that there was a near breakthrough in December 2016, he noted that talks were ongoing to ensure the release of the girls.

He added that the government was employing the sticks and carrot method, stressing the need for patience and perseverance on the part of Nigerians.

The minister, however, assured the citizens that the government was doing everything within its powers to ensure the release of the girls kidnapped by the Boko Haram terrorists in April 2014 from their school in Chibok community of Borno State.

Since their abduction, less than 60 of the over 200 girls have been rescued or released.

North-East Tour: BBOG, Information Minister Give Account

North-East Tour: BBOG, Information Minister Give Account The Minister of Information and Communication, Mr Lai Mohammed, says negotiations are still ongoing for the release of the Chibok girls and every other abductee with the Boko Haram insurgents.

The Minister spoke as he led a Federal Government delegation with the BringBackOurGirls Group to North-east Nigeria to witness efforts by the military to rescue the remaining abducted Chibok girls.

The Minister, who was responding to comments by the Bring Back Our Girls group, said that there was a measure of success in negotiations as at December 1, but assured the members of the group that talks were still on to ensure the release of the girls from their abductors.

He, however, added that the tour had opened up to the world “the how and the what” strategies of the Federal Government and the armed forces to release every abducted person, and bring the insurgency to an end.

BBOG Arrives Northeast On Guided Tour

Responding to questions on their level of satisfaction on the efforts to find the abducted school girls, the BBOG group said that the trip had afforded them the opportunity to validate their stance that no military dis-empowered could win the war on terror.

Voice Of Accountability.

The convener of the group, Mrs Oby Ezekwesili, added that the group was more empowered to demand that any person who had been indicted for embezzlement of resources meant to prosecute the war on terror be prosecuted and brought to book.

She also said that the tour had shown that transparency and willingness to open up on the strategies and measures taken in prosecution of the war have more gains than loss.

She, however, added that the Federal Government must also take away from the tour, the fact that their advocacy on the war on terror in the north-east had gotten everybody to take more interest in what was going on in the north-east, for which this tour was initiated and that the group would continue to remain the voice of accountability.

She urged the Minister of Information to continue to give update on the prosecution of persons found wanting for embezzlement of funds meant for the prosecution war on terror.

Government’s Primary Role Is To Provide Security, Welfare For The People – Ezekwesili

obyA former Vice President of the World Bank, Oby Ezekwesili, says the primary purpose of government is to provide security of lives and property, as well as improve the welfare of the Nigerian people.

She said this is according to the Constitution of Nigeria and government, which is a system or function that combines political, social and economic actions in order to solve the problems of the people.

Mrs Ezekwesili made this known as a speaker on ‘The Platform’ with the theme, Nigeria, what is in your hands? Tapping into out dead economy, looking beyond our oil driven economy”

Economy Of The Nation

Speaking on the economy of the nation, she said “from the 90s till now the capitalist system has proven to be very enduring in producing global prosperity, as well as national prosperity at all levels of economic management and has not succeeded in delivering”.

With a look at the global reduction in poverty, she noted that China used to suffer from 80% poverty but that since they commenced market reforms, less than 30 years after, China lifted 600 million citizens out of poverty.

“China accounts for most of the global reduction in poverty that we know, they used to have 85% of citizens poor but today it records about 13% poverty,” she told the gathering.

Another country she compared to Nigeria was Singapore, pointing out that the country had sound policies, strong institutions, effective and efficient investment which had built itself to an income of per capital of 55,000 Dollars but today Nigeria has 3,200 Dollars per capital.