I Am Always Overwhelmed By Obidients’ Show Of Love, Obi Thanks OGersh


Former governor of Anambra State and presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Mr Peter Obi, has said that he is overwhelmed by the love the Obidients have continue to show him even as the nation prepares for another election.

Obi’s statement was in appreciation of a post made by one of his supporters who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro To Place the Labour Party’s Flag.

The supporter who goes by O’Gersh on Twitter, made a post suggesting that he climbed Africa’s tallest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro for 10 and a half hours to place the party’s flag at the Uhuru Peak which is the highest point of the mountain and highest point in Africa.

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O’Gersh shared a picture of himself at Uhuru Peak, next to the Labour Party flag on Tuesday saying, “On Fri, 20/10/2022 after 10½ hrs of climbing, hiking and trekking, I made it to the Uhuru Peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, 5,895m above sea level.

“There is no better place to announce the coming of a New Nigeria than the rooftop of Africa.”

Reacting to this gesture, Mr Obi in a brief statement on Thursday said, “I am always overwhelmed by the show of love and support from the OBIdients in Nigeria and Diaspora. Your many acts of sacrifices reassure me of your patriotism and flaming desire to take back your country for good.

“Thank you @OGersh for taking our OBIdient message to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. It must have been a tough journey going up there for a noble sacrifice. I assure you and every Nigerian that under my watch, Nigeria will regain its position as the pride of Africa.”

Mr Obi further noted that though the 2023 journey may be a though one, still the he, his running mate, the Labour Party and the Obidients will not stop, till the movement gets to the top which would be the winning of the forthcoming election.

2023: Why People Are Funding, Holding Rallies For Labour Party — National Chairman

Obi’s support base, made majorly of youths, has continued to swell.


The National Chairman of the Labour Party, Barrister Julius Abure, has reacted to the rallies being held by the party’s supporters across the country.

“The rallies are not surprising, it is because the Labour Party has a people-oriented candidate that will work for the people and that will effectively serve the interest of the party,” he said in a statement on Saturday as hundreds of the party’s supporters rallied in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

For him, the rallies showed that the people are driving the process and realise what the party means to them and the future.

“Of course, the people must own the process, the people will fund the process because they say he who plays the pipe dictates the tune. And therefore the people are the owners of the party and that is why they are funding these activities,” he said.

“People are contributing money, N1000, N10,000, and so on to carry out rallies for themselves. People are donating their buildings and the people of Nigeria are gradually owning the Labour Party.”

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When campaigns begin proper ahead of the elections, he expects the trend to be sustained and even ramped up because people identify with what the party stands for.

He said, “You know that the Labour Party is a party for the poor, the artisans, students, market women, the downtrodden, civil servants, hewers of wood and fetchers of water, and the ordinary man in the street. They own the party and they form more than 90 percent of Nigerians.

“By the time campaigns starts, you will see people campaigning for the party. All these movements and activities you are seeing all over, Labour Party has no contribution to it.

“The people are mobilising themselves, they print the logo of the party themselves,  they print campaign materials from their pockets and they are driving the process of the campaign by themselves and that is what we are seeing.”

Ultimately, he said the objectives for the party and its supporters are to change the political narrative in the country and for Nigerians to take their destinies into their own hands.

“The people are now asking questions about how they are being ruled, they want to sack the looters, they want to change the status quo,” he said.

“They want to put an end to activities of some people who have stolen from the common purse. The people have always been at the receiving end, but all those scenario are about to change. The party is the voice of the voiceless, and that is what you see in those rallies, that is what is replicated all over the nation.

“So, Labour Party is changing the political narratives in Nigeria. This is the first time it is happening. God on our side, knowing that the voice of the people is the voice of God, the destiny of the people is now in their hands.”

Peter Obi’s Supporters Hold Solidarity Rally Across Nigeria

Obi rally -jos-ebonyi
Obi’s support base, made majorly of youths, has continued to swell.


Peter Obi followers on Saturday held solidarity rallies in several parts of Nigeria to mop up support for the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate ahead of the 2023 elections. 

The supporters trooped out in their numbers to canvass for the former Anambra State governor in different zones of the country including Jos, Plateau State; Abakaliki in Ebonyi State; Imo State; Abia State; Bayelsa State; Awka, Anambra State, and Suleja in Niger State.

The rallies created a buzz on various social media platforms with the supporters sharing photos of the marches held.

But there was a disruption of the march in Ebonyi State when police teargassed the supporters. Obi’s followers accused Governor David Umahi of ordering the disruption, a claim he denied. The rally later continued with the participants marching through several streets in Abakaliki.

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A March For Nigeria

In the north-central state of Plateau, Obi’s supporters carried banners with different inscriptions. They gathered at the Secretariat Junction around 9:00 a.m to ramp up their push for the LP flagbearer.

It was a similar story in Imo State as Obi’s followers poured into the streets, canvassing for the former banker. They say their candidate has the credentials to take Nigeria out of economic hardship, adding that the rally was meant to send a strong message to other contenders that Obi’s supporters are not only on social media.

Imo was not the only place that witnessed the rally as Obi’s supporters in Bayelsa State marched along major roads to mobilise for the former vice presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Obidients, as they are known, were armed with placards carrying different inscriptions like “Our Mumu don do,” “We need someone that will fix Nigeria,” “Peter Obi stands the better chance to restore Nigeria,” among others.

There were also marches in Awka, the Anambra State capital, and Suleja in Niger State.

Recurring Phenomenon

Exactly a week ago, the LP candidate’s supporters held similar rallies in Taraba, Benue, Ondo, and Enugu states, advocating a shift in Nigeria’s political order.

The recent marches, observers say, are a departure from the norm. Comprised majorly of young people, Obi’s support base is expected to swell further in the months leading to the 2023 elections.