Lagos PDP Raises Alarm, Alleges APC Plans To Rig Election

Lagos PDPThe Lagos State chapter of PDP has raised an alarm that the APC has devised plans to rig the Lagos governorship election and even resort to violence if not declared winner of the election.

According to the Lagos PDP Spokesman, Taofik Gani, the party’s intelligence report revealed that the APC has recruited thugs and some persons to impersonate youth corpers, security agents and INEC staff in order to manipulate the elections in favour of the APC.

“These persons will wear the uniforms of youth corpers, various security agents and be present as INEC electoral officers.

“The APC has concluded plans to deploy these impersonators to identified polling units where the official INEC officers, security agents and youth corpers will be compromised to concede their functions.

“Some official officers for the elections will not even appear at their units to allow the impersonators function as electoral officers,” he said.

The Lagos PDP has called on INEC, security agencies and the NYSC to paste the names of the officers for each polling unit at the said polling units to prevent the planned impersonation.

“As a party, we have trained our agents to be vigilant and any manipulation at polling units or at any stage of the process shall be repelled.”

The party has also announced the declaration of support by 13 political parties and other groups.

“In the last four days, we have received 13 political parties and many groups who have pledged their supports for PDP in the coming elections. Of significance is the declaration of support by the Lovers of Raji Fashola (LORAF),” Mr Gani added.

Alleged Tax Evasion: Fashola Uninformed, Vindictive – Lagos PDP

Lagos-PDP-Ganiyu-TaofikThe Lagos PDP has described its observation of Governor Fashola’s alleged verbal attack on the person‎ of PDP governorship candidate, Jimi Agbaje, as unwarranted and vindictive.

In a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Taofik Gani, the party opined that the accusation made by the Governor that Agbaje defaulted paying Land Use charges exposes Fashola as uninformed because indeed Agbaje was recently officially commended by the Lagos State Government for paying up his Land Use Charge.

The party in turn accused Governor Fashola of not only stealing Lagos funds using Alpha Beta but of aiding and abetting the non payment of Taxes, Land Use Charge and any other charge on the operations of Alpha Beta, a Tax consultant firm which, according to the PDP, collects 15% commission every month of the total IGR in Lagos State.

It challenged the Governor to publish the Tax status of Alpha Beta within 24 hours as any publication after this period would be taken as after thought and arranged.

“Governor Fashola is obviously out to smear our governorship candidate, Jimi Agbaje.

“To us, we are glad to know that Fashola is not having rest with Agbaje as our candidate. This show of hostility is however unacceptable as it may overheat the polity.

“Fashola has unleashed some Lagos State Government agencies against our party and candidates in the state. He has at every recent public function directly attacked the person of Agbaje in particular.

“He has no more decorum in office as a Governor all because he is jittery, desperate and uncomfortable with the rising popularity of Agbaje.

“To accuse Agbaje of not paying Land Use Charge when the State Government even commended Agbaje for fulfilling payment exposes Fashola as either uninformed and ignorant ‎or that he is been vindictive.

“We wonder and it is laughable that Fashola can run after a purported 1.6million naira ‎where there is an actual over 10billion naira being owed by Alpha Beta, a company which many believe is owned by Tinubu and Fashola,” the Lagos PDP said.

Lagos PDP Re-Affirms Support For Jonathan’s Re-election Bid

JonathanThe Lagos State Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has denied knowledge of one Adejumo Mansour Agbaje as a leader of the Party in the State. This was contained in a statement released by its publicity secretary, Mr Taofik Gani, on Sunday.

Mr Gani warned that “Adejumo Mansour Agbaje does not represent the interest of its members in the state”, insisting  that “such a person is definitely on a frolic of his own probably to gain media attention or for pecuniary interest.

“Such a person is a mole in the PDP who should henceforth desist from attempts to embarrass the Party.

The state chapter of PDP further noted that “while it appreciates the right of any Nigerian to aspire for any office in the land”, adding that “the President is eligible to seek re-election under our Constitution and indeed has achieved well enough to guarantee the success of the PDP at the coming presidential elections.

“We reiterate our conviction in the ability of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to win the presidential election for PDP. We condemn any subterranean move to blackmail our chapter against Mr President. Our support for Mr President is untainted and irrevocable. Ride on Mr President”, the statement added.

On Thursday, September 18, the National Executive Committee of the ruling party endorsed President Jonathan as its sole presidential candidate in the 2015 general election.

The decision by the PDP executive committee leaves the coast clear for President Jonathan to contest without opposition by any member of the party.


Tukur’s Resignation: Lagos PDP Applauds Leaders

The Lagos State PDP has stated its confidence and belief in the ability of its leaders nationwide to chart a favourable path for the Party.

This is in reaction to the resignation of its National Chairman, Bamanga Tukur; a development that has been ratified by the party’s National Executive Committee.

A statement signed by the Publicity Secretary of the PDP in Lagos State, Mr. Taofik Gani, read: “We have absolute confidence and belief in the capability of our leaders to forge ahead under any circumstances.

“The decision to ease out Dr Bamanga Tukur must have been well considered by these wise men. We hope and expect to see an immediate manifestation of the benefits of this change in the coming days.”

The Party admonished all leaders to use their opportunities as servants to make positive marks in the sands of time, noting that power is transcendental and can be short too.

“For us in Lagos PDP, we are set to work with whoever takes the mantle of leadership. Our newly found unstoppable movement to Government House in 2015 is our own concern.”

Tinubu Is A National Distraction- Lagos PDP

The Lagos State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on Tuesday alleged to have “unravelled the real reason why the National Leader of  All Progressives Congress (APC) and former Governor of Lagos State has now come up with warped, chauvinistic and unpatriotic criticism” of the proposed National Dialogue.

The Party stated that the comments of the former Governor is in “bad faith, diversionary and indeed a serpent-like attack on the person of Dr. Femi Okurounmu” and not actually the dialogue.

This was contained in a statement by the publicity secretary of the Lagos chapter of the party, Taofik Gani.

According to Lagos PDP, contrary to the Public display, the former governor’s outburst is because “he still sees Dr Femi Okurounmu as a political enemy ever since the latter exposed the former as never a student of Government College, Ibadan (GCI)”.

The statement further noted that “Dr Femi okurounmu is a well known ex-student of Government College, Ibadan” insisting that “Tinubu ought to accord comradeship to Dr Okunrounmu If indeed he ever attended GCI like Dr Okuorunmu did, but indeed Tinubu has remained haunted by the revelation that he never attended GCI”

The Party also “challenged Tinubu to risk a live debate with Dr Femi Okurounmu on the propriety of the National dialogue at this time of our Nationhood”.

In the opinion of the party “Tinubu has now confirmed himself as a pseudo Progressive and enemy of Nigeria having condemned a popular wish of Nigerians, home and abroad” alleging that “Tinubu is now more of a National distraction than a National attraction”

The statement then “recalled that late Chief Gani Fawehinmi took Tinubu to court for falsification of information in order to contest the Lagos state governorship election in 1999. One of such falsified information remains the true secondary School Tinubu attended”.

“This has remained one of the numerous moral burdens hanging on the former Governor and which ought to preclude him from enjoying any form of leadership in the country”

The Lagos State PDP restates its unequivocal support and confidence in the chairmanship of Dr Femi Okurounmu and the eventual Success of the National dialogue.

PDP Accuses LASIEC Of Supporting ACN In LG Polls

The Lagos state PDP on Tuesday said “it has painstakingly observed the stakeholders fora incessantly organised by LASIEC in the last Six months and can now describe the ongoing forum on creation of more wards in the state as another ACN game to again rig elections”.
The Party however vowed that “this time we shall defend our votes and protect lagosians electoral choice with the last drop of our blood”
This was contained in a statement signed by the  Lagos state PDP Publicity Secretary, Taofik Gani.

The Party stated that the indications that LASIEC was set to compromise the process to suit ACN  manifested at one of the fora when the LASIEC chairman, Justice Fatai Adeyinka (Rtd) asserted that more Wards and Polling Units had been created but avoided to mention the numbers and their descriptions saying that certain stakeholders must be involved before the polling Units can be disclosed!

“Who are these stakeholders ?”  the statement asked, adding that “They must be the special stakeholders of the ACN leadership. Indeed this is a Ploy to rig next polls using the now invincible polling Units created”

The Party opined “that the flagrant illegal announcement of false results to favour ACN at the 2011 Local Government Poll was Criminal and very embarrassing”. Stating that “the LASIEC chairman has monumentally desecrated the seat of the Electoral umpire and has no moral qualification to continue in Office and ought to be sacked. We are convinced that no further election midwife by Fatai Adeyinka as LASIEC Chairman can be credible”

“We also wonder why the LASIEC chairman a supposed Old Citizen of the State has developed the penchant for always misleading the Commission to embark on charade thereby misappropriate  the resources of the Commission.

Indeed we shall consider filing criminal suit against the members of the Commission, especially the Chairman.

Resign Or Be Recalled, PDP To Remi Tinubu

The Lagos State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has asked that Senator Oluremi Tinubu be recalled owning to her comments to the opposition members of the Senate, who she said are playing with the lives of the Nigerian people.

The senator had on Saturday asserted this view during a meeting with journalists where she gave a report of her stay in the Senate and denounced rumours that she is interested in the Governorship of the State in 2015.

Mrs Tinubu, currently representing Lagos State in the Senate, accused lawmakers belonging to the People’s Democratic Party of sidelining bills proposed by the opposition.

In a counter response, the Lagos state PDP, in a statement signed by the Publicity Secretary, Taofik Gani, described her comments as “the long awaited evidence needed to commence the recall of the confused Senator”.

The statement further called on “registered voters in the Lagos central Senatorial district to immediately commence the recall process of the Senator without further delay”.

The party accused Senator Tinubu of performing below expectation on the floor of the Senate adding that “she has indeed not initiated any successful bill to justify her membership of the senate”.

The party regards as dishonourable her chastisements on senators not going home to their people because “they are so comfortable in Abuja”.

“She has also misapplied the privilege of being the senator representing the most strategic senatorial district in the state, even though she is non-Lagosian.”

The party has now asked the Senator to “resign honourably or face imminent recall”.

Lagos PDP Cautions State Lawmakers Over Elongation of Council Chair Tenure

The Lagos State PDP has described the Lagos House Assembly (LAHA) attempt to elongate the tenure of the present Council chairmen in the state as undemocratic, Legislative Rascality and Satanic.

In a a statement signed by the Publicity Secretary of the Lagos state PDP, Taofik Gani, the Party opined that the bill, if passed into Law, is capable of provoking monumental reactions from Lagosians which may affect the assumed peace and tranquility in the state.

The statement “cautioned LAHA not to allow its House to be used as the agent provocateur to truncate democracy at the level of Local government Administration”

The Party wonders why the ACN government in the state is so desperate to hold onto the local government Administration until after the 2015 general Elections even when some Chairmen of the councils have stayed more than three terms but have so underperformed that Lagosians are just anxious to vote them out.

“This move is worse than the third Term allegedly muted. Infact this move further confirms the rumours that the national leader of ACN actually surreptitiously sponsored the ‘third term agenda’ “.

“As a matter of fact and considering the centralised leadership of ACN we are also convinced that the former Lagos State Governor is in strong collaboration with the incumbent to sponsor the infamous bill”

The statement further said “The Lagos State Local Government administration and Control Model has thus become the worst example of a democratic setting and has further exposed the ACN leaders as Pseudo democrats”.

Lastly, the party said “We can now conclude that the balkanization of the 20 constitutional councils into 57 is meant only to pursue vested interest and not for any development at all”.