Bomb scare creates tension in Kaduna

Channels Television  
Updated February 21, 2012

There was bomb scare in Kaduna on Tuesday following the discovery of a strange Polythene bag near Sultan Bello Mosque in Angwan Sarki where a police officer was killed a week ago.

In the past two weeks, series of explosions have rocked the state capital, forcing residents to live in fear.

Security agents immediately cordoned off the area. The panic created by the discovery of the strange bag resulted in a traffic jam in the city as many residents scampered for safety.

Traders quickly locked their shops while schools in the area abruptly terminated lessons and send the pupils home.

Eyewitnesses said the bag was discovered by a mosque worker who raised an alarm that attracted the attention of other people.

According to an Eyewitness, police fired shots at the object from afar before moving closer to remove the content of the bag.

But to the surprise of fear-stricken residents who watched from afar, the content of the bag turned out to be used clothes.