Juventus return very possible – Fabio Cannavaro

Channels Television  
Updated August 13, 2012

Former Juventus player Fabio Cannavaro has revealed that if the Italian club calls for his return to the club to replace banned coach Antonio Conte,it will be difficult for him to turn them down.

Now Al Ahli adviser Cannvaro who is 38 years old played 127 games for his former club and scored just seven goals in his double spell with Juventus as a player and if what is making the round is true he will be a possible replacement for Conte who was banned for match-fixing and has commenced a ten-month ban.

Conte, 43, was suspended on Friday by the Italian Football Federation for allegedly failing to alert authorities to an attempted fix while he was coach of Sienna.

Cannavaro will be counting himself lucky for this offer as he only obtained his coaching licence last week.

Conte’s assistant Angelo Alessio was also banned, leaving another member of the coach’s coaching staff Massimo Carrera to oversee Juventus’ 4-2 win over Napoli in the Supercoppa Italiana in Beijing on Saturday.

In the meantime, Cannavaro’s potential interest in the Juve job, along with his newly acquired coaching credentials, could signal an end to his two-year association with Al Ahli.