50 Trainees Share A Fish Head In Police College

Channels Television  
Updated January 22, 2013

The rot in the police training colleges in Nigeria does not only affect the infrastructure but also the welfare of the trainees.

A typical meal time at the Police Training College, Ikeja

Privileged to film a meal-time at the training college at Ikeja, Lagos, Channels Television’s crew watched as the cadets struggle to get their bellies filled with substances not fit enough to call food. About 50 trainees were seen sharing one head of fish.

The Deputy Commandant of the Police College, Ikeja, Jonah Mavah said current the recruits get N150 daily meal allowance.
“N50 per meal is to merger,” he said.

The scenario is not different from those in the six other police colleges in the country.

A fresh graduate from the police college in Maiduguri, who requested to stay anonymous, said though there were toilets at the college, the trainees preferred to ease themselves in the surrounding bush.

There are 7 police colleges in Nigeria and a total of 18,500 constables graduated as at December 2012.

In 2013, a sum of N311 billion has been budgeted for the Nigerian Police. It is hoped this money would be used judiciously and a significant part of it be allocated to improving infrastructure in the Police Colleges and other facilities of the Nigerian Police.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Channels Television will on Tuesday 22 January bring together policy makers from both the private and public sector at the Muson Centre, Lagos to chart a course towards rebuilding a decent police training institution in Lagos.

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