After Conceding 24 Goals In Confed Cup, Tahiti Challenges Arsenal

Channels Television  
Updated June 27, 2013

After winning many admirers during the Confederations Cup, Tahiti are hoping to build on their experience of playing top teams – and have approached Arsenal on Twitter to arrange a friendly.

The Oceania nation let in 24 goals in three matches at the Confederations Cup in Brazil, and were eliminated in the group stages. But their willingness to push forward and try and score goals, despite the constant thrashings they received, meant many fans took the minnows to their heart.

Tahiti’s Football Association hope they can use the goodwill that has been shown towards them to arrange more games against big sides and have taken to Twitter to ask teams for matches – starting with Arsenal.

[email protected] Do you accept to play a friendly against our selection?,’ they tweeted.

Arsenal did not formally respond to the request, but were urged by several fans to take up the challenge.