Aliyu Says PDP Crisis Will Affect Nation If Not Resolved

Channels Television  
Updated September 5, 2013

Governor Babangida Aliyu of Niger State has warned that the crisis rocking the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has assumed a dangerous dimension that should be resolved, urgently.

Speaking at a meeting with the members of the state chapter of the party, Governor Aliyu argued that the challenges confronting the ruling party would not only affect it, but the nation as well.

He recalled some of the political developments and the crisis that engulfed the party’s special National Convention which resulted in seven governors including himself, walking out of the venue to form a faction of the party.

“Politics, like I always say is about negotiation, is about sincerity, is about truth

Unfortunately for us, politics in this part of the world is seen like people who (pause) is like lies and insincerity

“No, people must be able to back up whatever they have said, either in public or in secret, in private, they must be able to come out and say to the people, this is it

“Whatever it is we are doing, we are doing on behalf our people, and we must take their pulse to appreciate what is happening at a given time. So for me I see solution in sight because when people gather to look at the problems on the ground and to say this is the way to solve it, I believe in ‘give and take’ position, which should be the one to be taken”.

He faulted the situation where persons at the helms of affairs intimidate and force their personal opinions on the people without giving room for dialogue and negotiation.