Anti-Gay Law: The Morality Of A Country Is Most Important – Akinreti

Channels Television  
Updated January 18, 2014

Social Commentator, Kazim Akinreti, has commended the Nigerian President for “doing the needful” by signing the Anti-Gay Bill into law constitutionally.

Akinreti noted that the public hearing that was convened on the bill is proof that the law was in line with the wishes of majority of Nigerians.

On the relevance of the law in view of Nigerians’ other pressing issues, he said that the speed of the passing of the law should not be misunderstood, as it passed through every recommended procedure for passing a bill into law.

He acknowledged that indeed the issues of fraud, missing funds, and general corruption are important to Nigerians at the moment, but the anti-gay law was also not less important.

He added that nothing was more important than the morality of a country, as people have called for this law; with religious organizations backing it up.