Creating A Better Operating Environment In Aviation Sector

Channels Television  
Updated May 27, 2014

Aeroplane (2)That air transport moves people that are relevant to critical economic and political actions and decisions that ensure the existence of a nation is a statement of fact.

But here in Nigeria high indebtedness to banks, payment of multiple charges to various aviation agencies and the lack of maintenance facilities in the country are some of the challenges domestic airlines operators cite as factors that slow down their growth.

While they acknowledge that the recent airport upgrade has given a new face to air travel, they also ask for a better operating environment.

This edition of Aviation This Week, looks at the need for a better operating environment and the impact it will have on the activities of airliners in the sector.

The aviation sector in Nigeria is witnessing the re-modelling of airports across the nation and the Minister of Aviation, Mr Samuel Ortom, said that the reforms would continue to ensure safety of passengers.

Since the disappearance of the Malaysian M370 plane, international regulatory body is looking to track all airline across the globe.

They are looking to put in place a policy that will ensure that all airlines can identify their planes over oceans.

The 36 countries that belong to the governing council of the International Civil Aviation Organisation that suggest policies agreed to adopt a flight tracking policy.