Standard Organisation Of Nigeria Confiscates Substandard Electric Cables

Channels Television  
Updated April 29, 2016

Electric cablesSubstandard electric cables running into millions of Naira have been confiscated by the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) in Plateau State, north central region of Nigeria.

Nine of the shops selling the fake electrical products were also sealed.

Several rolls of electrical cables were tested during the operation that lasted for several hours with security men at hand to provide security.

Although there was not much resistance from the shop owners while the operation lasted, some of them expressed displeasure with government’s approach to the raid.

Some have suggested that more efforts should be geared towards enlightening the public and consumers on ways of identifying such fake and substandard products which will save lots of lives from the hazards of such products.

The Plateau State head of the SON, Musa George, said that the raid on the electrical shops selling fake and substandard cables to unsuspecting members of the public is to ensure that only goods that meet the requirements of relevant Nigerian industrial standards are in the market.

He revealed that the operation will also be extended to other sectors of the economy.