Climate Change: ECOWAS To Adapt Paris Agreement   

Channels Television  
Updated July 14, 2016

ecowas, Climate Change, Paris AgreementRepresentatives of civil society organisations and the private sector in the ECOWAS sub-region are discussing ways to adapt the Paris agreement on climate change to realities in Africa.

This comes with a plan to give special attention to specific sectors including agriculture.

ECOWAS Director of Environment, Dr Johnson Boanuh, said that the African continent in 2015 got its fair share of extreme weather conditions, necessitating the adaptation of agreements reached by African leaders last April in New York.

The project coordinator of climate change agreement in the sub region, Tahu Kwame, also said that the input of the private sector is crucial, especially considering the sectors most affected in the sub region such as energy, forestry, transportation, industry and agriculture.

The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, at the World Economic Forum in January 2016, asked countries of the world to quickly ratify the historical agreement reached at the last climate change deal in Paris, in December.

He pointed out that natural disasters have undermined the gains made in climate efforts.

“First, national climate plans must urgently be converted into bankable investment strategies and projects.

“Second, we must generate sufficient financing for developing countries to bypass fossil fuels and meet high energy demands with low carbon sources.

“Third, we need greater attention and resources for climate resilience.

“That is why I launched a new Climate Resilience Initiative in Paris called A2R – to anticipate risks, absorb shocks and adapt development approaches.

“Fourth, we need to rapidly increase climate actions at every level. I will work to help strengthen the action agenda and public-private partnerships.

“Fifth, governments must quickly ratify the Paris Agreement,” he said.