Joy Bucknor Says Challenges Always Crumble With Music

Channels Television  
Updated August 26, 2016

joy bucknor, mercy, Gospel, Inspirational singer“Music is something that always gives me joy. It helps me go through a lot of my challenges while growing up, Nigeria’s singer, Joy Bucknor, said, expressing hopes that she could inspire other Nigerians too.

Joy shared her thoughts on her inspirational single ‘Mercy’ saying, she wrote the song because “right now, we all need God’s mercy, nobody is exempted from the mercy of God”.

She was speaking to channels Channels Television few days ago on her drive, inspiration and music as her lifestyle.

Joy, who recently joined the music industry professionally in 2014, is a graduate of Computer Engineering with a dream to change the world through music.

According to the singer, her father told her she had always been drawn to music.

She says, she wants to inspire people with her genre of music. “I do inspirational music, my songs are songs that give people hope.

“I share my heart out in my song, making sure that I stay true to my lyrics. My lyrical content are things that inspire people,” Joy added

According to her, Nigeria is often perceived in bad light by foreign media, which is why she featured clips of some foreign leaders such as President Obama, in the music video for ‘Mercy’.

She said her reason for including the clips were to prove that there was chaos all around and that one do not have to look too far to see it.

She also added that “what inspired the music video was just everything happening in the world, because we are humans and we all have issues”.