15 ‘Game Changers’ Rewane Says Will Shape 2019

Channels Television  
Updated January 2, 2019

Against the backdrop of the just ended topsy-turvy 2018, popular economist Bismarck Rewane has listed fifteen people who he believes will shape the socio-political and economic landscape of Nigeria in 2019.

In conversation with Channels Television’s Boason Omofaye, Mr. Rewane described the New Year, as a year of “anxiety and uncertainty” after a turbulent year in 2018.

The CEO of Financial Derivatives Company, however, noted that the difference between the past year and the present is that we have “game-changing personalities both at the global, regional and domestic” level.

On the special edition of Business Morning which held on Tuesday, Rewane listed 15 persons who he described as the 2019 “Game Changers”, even as he put the passing year into better perspective.

Below are the 15 “Game Changers” as selected by Bismarck Rewane.

1. Aliko Dangote 

The richest man in Africa needs no introductions. Rewane believes that with this business tycoon constantly investing across sectors and employing many, he will continue to be a game changer in every sense of the word.

2. Seni Sulyman

Sulyman makes the 15-man list of Rewane’s ‘Game Changers’ on the basis of his role at Andela. Technology will be a key driver of most transactions in 2019 and as such Sulyman will be one of those positively disrupting the system through innovative software development.

3. Jeff Bezos (Amazon)

Jeff Bezos Photo: AFP

With a company (Amazon) worth about I trillion dollars, one cannot but agree that Jeff Bezos will be part of those who will shape 2019 not only in Nigeria but across the world.

4. Vladimir Putin

Looking at 2019 from a political angle at the global stage, we can be sure that Vladimir Putin will play a key role in shaping 2019 with his control of OPEC, as well as the gas pump into Europe.

5. Xi Jinping 

With its great numbers, China can never be looked down upon politically and economically. China’s growing demand for oil and its large economy makes it highly impossible that they will be ignored in 2019.

6. Theresa May

File Photo of Theresa May

Whether it be functional or dysfunctional, Theresa May and the Brexit agenda remains a key issue, as Brexit is upon all of us.

7. Oby Ezekwesili

I Will Provide Affordable, Uninterrupted Electricity If Elected President – Ezekwesili

According to Rewane, Ezekwesili is a game changer in the political space, especially with regards to Nigeria.

“She has been saying the right things, addressing policy issues which she understands very well,” Rewane says.

While it remains uncertain what will be the outcome of the presidential election this year, still Oby Ezekwesili remains a defining voice.

8. Prof Yemi Osinbajo

Why FG Is Uplifting Poor Nigerians Through SIPs – Osinbajo
Vice President Yemi Osinbajo addressing an audience in August 2018.

The Vice President is and will be key in the process of fashioning appropriate policies and strategies that will improve the ease of doing business in Nigeria.

9. Peter Obi

Armed with data, Peter Obi brings to the table a different approach to discussing the issues in Nigeria, making projections and informed inferences, he is one of those who will shape the socio-economic and political narratives of Nigeria in 2019.

10. Abubakar Suleiman  

In the financial service sector, Abubakar Suleiman, Chief Executive Officer of Sterling Bank is one to reckon with. The bank’s affinity with technology makes it a bank to watch out for in 2019 and by inference, makes Suleiman a leading figure that will shape things in the financial sector.

11. Yaw Nsarkoh

Rewane says that with the very interesting work which Unilever has done in the northeast, Nsarkoh cannot be left out of the 2019 dialogue.

12. Pat Oniha 

Nigeria has a debt problem and how Pat Oniha manages this will be a determinant of our future, thus making her a key ‘Game Changer’ for 2019.

13. Wizkid

Wizkid, artist of the year

In the social scene, “Wizkid is moving very fast and gaining great traction” says Rewane. The Economist argues that the Dolce & Gabbana ambassador is doing wonderfully well and is going places, hence will continue to be a big topic in 2019.

14. Kemi Adetiba


From the wedding party to King of Boys, Adetiba’s curriculum vitae is solid. The filmmaker and music video director has worked her way into the heart of the Nigerian entertainment industry, making herself a priceless gem for an industry that is taking the world by storm.

15. Viola Davis

Viola Davis

With the movie “Widows” getting a 90 percent approval rating on rotten tomatoes and complimentary reviews from many respected critics, this multi-award winning actress and producer is yet again at the centre of attention and this will linger deep into 2019, as fans all over the world continue in awe, to build dialogues around this “triple crown acting” queen.