Senator Bruce Insists On Phasing Out Fuel Powered Cars

Channels Television  
Updated April 19, 2019


A Federal lawmaker, Senator Ben Bruce has insisted that Nigeria cannot run away from the revolution of electric cars.

The lawmaker who spoke to journalists at the National Assembly on Thursday, a day after the Senate rejected his bill to phase out fuel powered cars and introduce electric cars, said the rejection didn’t come as a surprise to him

Senator Bruce explained that the bill was only to ensure that Nigeria is not left behind in the revolution of electric cars, despite being an oil-producing country.

“I presented two historic bills on the floor of the senate and both were rejected. they would be rejected so I was not surprise. I knew because I did not think my colleagues understood the value of what I was presenting.

“The reason I presented the bill is because in a few years’ time, no country in the world will manufacture these cars anymore. For this reason, Nigeria must be prepared and understand that the cars we drive today are dinosaurs.”

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He urged President Buhari to understand that Nigeria, being an oil producing country should not discourage the use of electric cars.

“The executive under President Muhammadu Buhari should instruct the minister of transport to understand that this is the way Nigeria must go. There is no way out.

“Whether we like it or not, Nigeria, the rest of the world will only drive electric cars. The argument of we sell petrol, so what? Nobody is going to buy it because it would have no value.”

He argued that if the initiative is adopted, the country will be saving over N1tn currently spent on fuel.