Truck Ploughs Into DR Congo Roadside Market, Killing 7

Channels Television  
Updated July 26, 2019


An overloaded truck hurtled through an informal street market in Goma in eastern DR Congo, killing seven people and badly wounding 10, an official and a witness told AFP on Friday.

Six people died on the scene of the crash Thursday night, and a seventh succumbed in hospital on Friday, said Goma mayor Timothee Muissa Kiense.

Witness Aimee Kasirani, a 32-year-old vegetable vendor, said the truck was off-balance and careened uncontrollably into the roadside market, “crushing our colleagues”.

Muissa vowed action to prevent a repeat.

“From next week, the police will take care of any person who dares to display merchandise on a public road,” he said.

Traffic accidents are common in the vast African country, with poorly-maintained infrastructure and the majority of roads made of dirt.